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  • Five Poems
  • Walter Biskupski (bio)

A Haiku for Ernie Banks

RIP 1/23/15

Let's play two, Ernie,On the sunlit green grass ofElysian Fields.


In 1961North Dakotan Roger Maris,more in tune with apple orchardsthan the Big Apple,still topped Babe Ruth(that Sultan of Swat),even with 61* lbs. of pressureOn his shoulders. [End Page 1]

Cal McLish

Cal(vin Coolidge    Julius Caesar        Tuskahoma)            McLish                winds                    his way                        through                    Brooklyn                Pittsburgh            the Cubs        Cleveland    Cincinnatithe White Sox.    Last stop:  Philadelphia.

Stu Miller

Stu Miller,All 165 lbs.'Lifted' by the Candlestick wind,Not quite like Dorothy's houseIn Kansas,But enough for a balkAt the 1961 All-Star Game,Where he was the winning pitcherDespite the Aeolian intervention.RIP 1-4-15 [End Page 2]


Carl Yastrzemski.his last namea riot of Polish consonants,creating havoc with line-ups,scorecards,and autographs.

What to do to tameThis alphabetic nor'easter?

Oh, yes.

Yaz [End Page 3]

Walter Biskupski

walter biskupski is a former teacher of English and Social Studies from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a baseball researcher, and participated in the writing of the history of the Indianapolis Indians, published in the late 1980s. He is also a self-proclaimed poet.



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