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  • James P. Cassaro, Julianna Gócza, and Mari Itoh

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text New Additions for July 2021

This summer, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text ( will add ten more titles to its full-text journal collection. The new titles are:

Bašćinski glasi: Južnohrvatski etnomuzikološki godišnjak (Omiš: Festival Dalmatinskih Klapa, 1991–). ISSN 1330-1128 and E-ISSN 2584-4059.

Bašćinski glasi is the leading scholarly journal focused on music of southern Croatia. It includes articles concerning both musicology and ethnomusicology, as well as occasionally some music compositions. Individual volumes are dedicated to music scholars who have significantly advanced music research in Dalmatia.

BIOS: Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies (Oxford: Positif Press, 1977–). ISSN 0141-4992.

The Journal of the British Institute of Organ Studies is a peer-reviewed publication that presents articles on British organs, organ builders, organ music, and other relevant topics. It is the annual publication of the British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS). While nominally focussed on the British organ, the journal includes articles on wider topics less closely associated with the central topic: in recent years essays on 'organized pianos' have appeared, along with articles on organs in former crown colonies, and the development and usage of the Barker lever in Cavaille-Coll organs.

Circuit: Musiques contemporaines (Montréal: Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 1990–). ISSN 1183-1693 and E-ISSN 1488-9692.

Circuit was founded in 1989 at the behest of Lorraine Vaillancourt, founder and director of the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (in residence at the Université de Montréal), and Jean-Jacques Nattiez, its first editor-in-chief. Circuit publishes articles, documents, and case files in French and English on contemporary music from Québec, North America, and abroad. Designed as an arts journal and as an object of aesthetic reflection, it is aimed at all those who have an interest in contemporary musical and artistic creation issues. The journal is called Circuit after Serge Garant (1929–1986), an important figure of Québec's musical scene and composer of three musical pieces of the same name.

Cuadernos de investigación musical (Ciudad Real: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha / Centro de Investigación y Documentación Musical (CIDoM), 2016–). ISSN 2530-6847.

Cuadernos de investigación musical is a peer-reviewed journal published by Centro de Investigación y Documentación Musical (CIDoM) in Spain. The journal features original scholarly writings from all areas of ethno/musicology, including instrumental practices, aesthetics of music, the presence of music in audiovisual media, and other fields of study related to music. [End Page 169]

KunstMusik: Schriften zur Musik als Kunst (Köln: Maria de Alvear World Edition, 2003–). ISSN 1612-6173.

An initiative by Maria de Alvear, a Spanish-German composer living in Cologne, Kunstmusik appears twice a year. Articles focus on music that claims to be art (whether it is, is another question). Authors are generally composers, sound artists, and visual artists who create music and who in their unfiltered contributions express what can be said not with, but rather about music as art. As such the journal serves as a forum for the current state of art music.

Nordic Sounds (København: Dansk Musik Informations Center (MIC), 1982–2006). ISSN 0108-2914.

Nordic Sounds, the quarterly magazine of the Nordic Music Committee (NOMUS), was published between 1982 and 2006. The magazine reported on musicians, composers, and musical life in the Nordic countries.

La revue [arabe] des sciences de l'education musicale / Mağallaẗ 'ulūm al-tarbīyyaẗ al-mūsīqīyyaẗ / (Hadath–Baabda: Éditions de l'Université Antonine, 2017–). ISSN 2523-0778.

Mağallaẗ 'ulūm al-tarbīyyaẗ al-mūsīqīyyaẗ is an annual refereed academic periodical, prepared by the Center for Research in Musical Traditions at Antonine University, Lebanon. Published by the university's publishing house, in cooperation with Dar Al-Farabi, the journal aims to encourage academic research in the field of music education in the Arab world and make this available to scholars and educators.

Musicology and Cultural Science (Tblisi: Sakartvelos Teknikuri Universiteti/ Georgian Technical...


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