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  • DMZ 한반도 비무장 지대
  • Kaitlyn Airy

not border but what is for holding / not men but what is forkilling / a grove of trees / deep green wounds / ruination / orwashing rice in graves / grandmother i never knew

grandmother / promise me / a measure of night / windblownthrough open hands / will graze your heart / tell me when youfeel / a cold mirror / tell me / you held your daughter / justonce

not oath but intention / not mother but a vessel of brine / notcot but a bed of hyssop / banter of bees / this bitter cup / thisrash of weeds / this fallow field / this feeble daughter / thisgreen plum / which falls / like a shade / which is for cold /which is for not knowing

grandmother / your absence blooms / across hours of sleep /and somewhere west / a red-winged woman / braids the darkhair you gave her / polishes her mirror / like a gun / which isfor hurting / which is for being seen

not old country but what is for ghosts / not hangul but what isfor anguish / not mother which is for daughter / not this girlwhich is for spoils / which is for charity / which is for christianfamily / which is for america / not war / not war / not war /not

war but what is for saving / or so they promise / or so they tellme [End Page 76]



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