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  • Manifest My Throat as Tender
  • Vasantha Sambamurti

Imagine: I am older and வசந்தா asks mewho I want to love,then I clutch my heart like theater and say,everyone.

Her face, beautiful,fear makes stricken

(Imagine Parvati when she caught Shiva's throatto stop the poison cold)

It dyed his throat blue,did not die therelike what may die with me.

வசந்தா asks mehow many children I want,I say as many as I can love,a truth I hope unburdens her heart.

My fear, a beast I pray false,dubs defiance rupture.

I couldn't know whatshe would want,what I do. So,

I ask a lover to hold my throat so hardit turns blue. [End Page 30]



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