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  • The Publications of Albert J. Schütz
  • Paul Geraghty and Andrew Pawley

The publications are grouped in the following categories: Fiji and Fijian, Hawai'i and Hawaiian, Nguna (Vanuatu), other Polynesian/Pacific, and miscellaneous.


1962. A dialect survey of Viti Levu. PhD diss., Cornell University.
1963a. A phonemic typology of Fijian dialects. Oceanic Linguistics 2:62–79.
1963b. Lexical differences between generations in Fiji. Te Reo 6:28–29.
1963c. Sources for the study of Fijian dialects. Journal of the Polynesian Society 72:254–60.
1966. (Albert J. Schütz and Jerome Wenker). A program for the determination of lexical similarity. In Computation in linguistics: A case study, ed. by Paul L. Garvin and Bernard Spolsky, 124–45. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
1968a. The phonetic nature of Fijian consonant correspondences. In Papers in linguistics of Melanesia No. 1, 49–52. Series A, no. 15. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.
1969–70. The languages of Fiji. Working Papers in Linguistics. University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Published as Schütz 1972b.
1971. (Albert J. Schütz and Rusiate T. Komaitai). Spoken Fijian. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 2nd ed., 1979.
1972a. Say it in Fijian. Sydney: Pacific Publications. Revised ed. 1974, 1976, 1979, 2003.
1972b. The languages of Fiji. Oxford: The Clarendon Press.
1972c. (Albert J. Schütz and Tevita Nawadra). A refutation of the notion "passive" in Fijian. Oceanic Linguistics 11:88–109.
1974. The forerunners of the Fijian dictionary. Journal of the Polynesian Society 83:443–57.
1975a. The first Fijian dictionary for Fijians. South Pacific Bulletin, Third Quarter, 54–56.
1975b. At a loss for words: The problem of word classes for Fijian. Oceanic Linguistics 14:100–18.
1976c. Fijian prosody I: Syllables and groups. University of Hawaii Working Papers in Linguistics 8(2): 75–100.
1977. (ed.) The diaries and correspondence of David Cargill, 1832–1843. Pacific History Series No. 10. Canberra: Australian National University Press.
1978a. Suva: A history and guide. Sydney: Pacific Publications.
1978b. (ed.) Fijian language studies: Borrowing and pidginization. Bulletin of the Fiji Museum 4. Suva: Fiji Museum.
1978c. Review of J[ohn] R. Clammer, "Literacy and social change: A case study of Fiji." Journal of the Polynesian Society 87:48–53.
1978d. A note on William Lockerby's Fiji manuscript. Journal of Pacific History 13:115–16.
1978e. English loanwords in Fijian. In Schütz 1978b, 1–50.
1978f. Accent in two Oceanic languages. Anthropological Linguistics 20:141–49.
1978g. Flexibility and stability: The effect of English loanwords on Fijian phonology. In Second International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics: Proceedings, ed. by Stephen A. Wurm and Lois Carrington, 867–76 (Fascicle 2: Eastern Austronesian). Series C, no. 61. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.
1979a. Fijian grammar for teachers of Fijian. Suva: University of the South Pacific Extension Services. Reprinted 1985. Suva: Fiji Centre, University of the South Pacific.
1979b. How not to pronounce English: A phonetician's view of the Tate course. Fiji English Teachers' Journal 15:8–14.
1980a. (Albert J. Schütz and Paul Geraghty, eds.). Fijian language studies II: David Cargill's Fijian grammar. Bulletin of the Fiji Museum No. 6. Suva: Fiji Museum.
1980b. John Davies's Hibernia journal: Missing epsilons and the Tongan presence. Journal of Pacific History 15:108–09.
1981b. Specification as a grammatical category in Fijian. In Studies in Pacific languages and cultures in honour of Bruce Biggs, ed. by Jim Hollyman and Andrew Pawley, 197–207. Auckland: Linguistic Society of New Zealand.
1982a. The vowel system of Standard Fijian. In Gava: Studies in Austronesian languages and cultures dedicated to Hans Kähler, ed. by Reiner Carle et al., 253–61. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag.
1982b. A new Fijian dictionary. Fiji 5(2): 18–19.
1982c. Fijian na: A case study of grammar beyond the sentence. In Oceanic studies: Essays in honour of Aarne A. Koskinen, ed. by Jukka Siikala, 153–64. Helsinki: Finnish Anthropological Society.
1983. The accenting of English loanwords in Fijian. In Essays in honor of Charles F. Hockett, ed. by Frederick B. Agard, Gerald Kelley, Adam Makkai, and Valerie Becker Makkai, 565–72. Leiden: E. J. Brill.
1985a. The Fijian language. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.
1987a. (trans. by Kakuko Shoji...


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