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  • as I take my seat . .
  • Peter Myers (bio)

as I take my seat in the row in the hour of flight whose medium is an essence & my undoing via heartache of social bonds a type of corruptible weather I am in excess to or the debt canopy shadowing those surrounding fields & fields of heartache recede as the space before me turns social blur the night’s weatherless disruption the night’s letterless dysfunction pneumatic purr of the breathing machine I heard & saw my sister use through childhood episodes structuring breath music does this too only flightlessly flightlessly as music is I ascend to a rhythm in love with its own disruption but the breath stays grounded it didn’t make that choice once I made a choice then it made me back toward the origin of the breath it was one unending sentence & now I’m one unending sentence or simple instance of concentric glitch in the bower Nathaniel Mackey calls the pneumatic turn or unending tactics of breath’s transmutation from projective to projectile verse is the promise weaponized time is the promise curative breath greeting my sister as a stranger in the same breath I’m greeting my sister as a stranger whose outline broke free to follow itself mocking & purring to unsettle the sky’s [End Page 223]

I you they
or as all
be turn if
am for then
how to end or

[End Page 224]

Peter Myers

peter myers is a poet living in New York. His work has appeared in Conjunctions, Denver Quarterly, jubilat, Boston Review, and elsewhere.



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