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  • Contents for Volume 53
Number 1
The Ancient Entomological Bookworm cat lambert 1
Caeneus and Heroic (Trans)Masculinity in Ovid’s Metamorphoses charlotte northrop 25
“Voodoo Doll”: Implications and Offense of a Taxonomic Category david frankfurter 43
Number 2
Material Girls: Gender and Material Culture in Ancient Greece and Rome
Guest Editors: Mireille Lee and Lauren Hackworth Petersen
Material Girls: Gender and Material mireille lee and lauren 59
Culture in Ancient Greece and Rome hackworth petersen
Material Girls: An Introduction sarah levin-richardson 61
Procne, Philomela, and the Voice of the Peplos stamatia dova 69
Unveiling Female Feelings for Objects: Deianeira and her ὄργανα in Sophocles’ Trachiniai anne-sophie noel 89
Butcher Blocks, Vegetable Stands, and Home-Cooked Food: Resisting Gender and Class Constructions in the Roman World mira green 115
Number 3
Ovid, Rhetoric, and Freedom of Speech in the Augustan Age
Guest Editor: Jeffrey M. Hunt
Ovid, Rhetoric, and Freedom of Speech in the Augustan Age jeffrey m. hunt 133
Aesacus: The Rhetoric of Remorse (Metamorphoses 11.749–12.7) carole newlands 135
Cephalus’s Autobiographical Narrative (Metamorphoses 7.690–865): Between Epic Models and the Conventions of Rhetoric alessandra romeo 157
Distant Mores, Distant Mores: Persuading the Reader from the Margins in Tristia 2 eleonora tola 175
Propior Patriae: Allusion, Rhetoric, and Persuasion in ex Ponto 1.2 alden smith 191
“I Attack Not Him”: The Rhetorical Treatment and Political Issue of (Not) Naming the Enemy in Ovid’s Last Works hélène vial 213
“Figured Speech” in Seneca the Elder: A Glimpse of Ovid’s Rhetorical Education laurent pernot 225
Lessons from the Doctor of Irony: A Reflection on Donna Zuckerberg’s Not All Dead White Men julia d. hejduk 239
Freedom of Speech in the Reign of Augustus: How Much of an Issue? karl galinsky 247

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