As community health workers (CHWs) have increasingly become recognized as members of health care teams, several states have considered or implemented processes to certify them. Between April and September 2017, we interviewed 41 stakeholders (e.g., CHWs, employers, and state health officials) in seven states that had considered or developed CHW certification to gather information about their processes and lessons learned. Interviewees reported several areas to consider in developing certification such as requiring training and education, deciding whether to certify based on experience, ensuring that CHWs are members of communities served, and avoiding marginalization of some groups of CHWs. Participants highlighted strategies for ensuring active CHW leadership in decision-making about certification. Interviewees identified best practices for supporting CHW workforce development such as using national models and standardized training, supporting CHW leadership, involving CHW professional groups, convening workgroups, and educating stakeholders. Findings are relevant to states seeking to grow their CHW workforce.