The first complete Bible translated by Luther and his Wittenberg colleagues was published in 1534. Within its pages seven words or phrases are highlighted by using capitals for every letter. The first two instances are found in the Wisdom of Solomon (16:12 and 18:22), where "Word" (WORT) is highlighted. The next three uses are found in the transfiguration accounts of the synoptic gospels, when the voice from heaven says, "Listen to him," DEN SOLT IR HOREN (Mt 17:5/Mk 9:7/Lk 9:35). The sixth instance is Paul saying that Christ "forgives sin," SUNDE VERGIBT (Romans 3:25), and the final place is when the Lord distributes the bread, saying "take," NEMET (1 Cor 11:24). These words, in effect, spell out Luther's theology: The Living Word tells the reader to listen to Christ, who proclaims and gives the forgives sins through word and sacrament. Luther's emphasis on these important phrases in the corpus of his writings reflect his use of a "gospel lens" in the 1534 Bible.


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