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Workshop on New Interfaces for Musical Expression in Seattle in April 2001

The first workshop on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) took place in Seattle, Washington, USA, 1–2 April 2001, as part of the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) 2001 conference. The workshop was organized by Ivan Poupyrev, Michael J. Lyons, Sidney Fels, and Tina Blaine (Bean). The organizing committee included Krystyna Bobrowski, Perry Cook, Reek N. Havok, Kenji Mase, Kaffe Matthews, Max Matthews, Joe Paradiso, Andrew Schloss, Laetitia Sonami, and Bill Verplank. Over the two-day workshop, fourteen papers were presented, followed by a round table discussion. The event also featured demonstrations and performances. A full program, including the texts of all papers presented, can be found on the workshop's World Wide Web pages, linked from the NIME home site at An archive of these materials on CD ROM, with additional video and still images, is in preparation, and a detailed report with photographs is available online at This issue of Computer Music Journal features several articles based on papers presented at NIME 2001.

NIME 2002 is scheduled to take place at MediaLabEurope, Dublin, Ireland 24–26 May 2002. More information about NIME and both events is available on the World Wide Web at

Conference on Content Integrated Research in Creative User Systems in Glasgow in September 2001

The first International Conference on Content Integrated Research in Creative User Systems (CIRCUS 2001) was held in Glasgow, UK, 20– 22 September 2001 under the title "New Synergies in Digital Creativity." Conference themes included interactivity and the future of the creative practice; institutional supports for innovation or creative pull; description of culture (architectures of information); and the theory and methodology of digital creative production contexts. The program committee included John Patterson, Nick Bailey, Carola Boehm, David Garcia, Tim Putnam, Simon Penny, Malcolm LeGrice, Helmut Draxler, Michael Dreyer, and Hans Timmermans. The proceedings of this conference, edited by Carola Boehm, David Garcia, and Hubertien Schuter, are available in paper form (ISBN 0 8 526 1746 1) and online in PDF format from the conference World Wide Web pages

Symposium on Computer Music Software at Dartmouth College in October 2001

The purpose of the Symposium on Computer Music Software was to bring together creators of the most significant software for experimental music creation, to examine the success of their programs and underlying creative paradigms, and to look ahead to promising future directions. The one-day event, held on 19 October 2001, was organized and introduced by Eric Lyon of the Department of Music of Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. The speakers were Max Mathews on Music V, Gareth Loy on CARL, Miller Puckette on Max, David Zicarelli on MSP, and James Mc Cartney on SuperCollider. The day ended with a round-table discussion. The symposium was free of charge and open to the public.

Walk-in Sound Art in Vienna

The largest outdoor public sound art installation in Europe was formally opened in Vienna on 29 November 2001. The installation, ID, is located in the Dornerplatz as part of a major re-development project. ID was created by the space artist burkhardt and sound artists sha. & GTT, who previously created the so-called "sonosphere" in the House of Music in Vienna, and comprises 14 monolithic loudspeaker panels permanently installed in the square. Building on the concept that in the 21st century the cultural identity of people is defined by television, radio, and the Internet, "IDentities" are collected in the form of radio and TV programs from around the world. 14 such broadcasts are heard in the structure, simultaneously with the digital abstractions produced by the sound artists. The results from the live processing of sounds are fed back into the public media space via IDradio, which can be received internationally. ID is a European Union arts project commissioned by the City Council of Vienna. More information can be found on the World Wide Web at

Thirty Years of Electroacoustics at Concordia University, Montreal

In 2001/2002, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, celebrated 30...


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