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Chinese Republican Studies Newsletter Editor Barry Keenan Denison University Granville. Ohio 4102.1 Advisory and Contributing Editorial Board Lloyd Eastman, Edward Friedman, John Israel Iames Sheridan. Lyman VanSlyke Volume V Number 2 February, 1980 $4.50 annually. Issues in October and February THE REPUBLICAN HISTORY PROJECT IN .!,!!! PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC .Q!. CHINA, AND SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION Barry Keenan, Editor OVer 200 scholarly journals and newspapers from the People's Republic of China are available for foreign subscription in 1980. The number is unprecedented , as are the items available -- such as xuebao ''f- 1i. from major universities throughout China. Reliable reports of revived scholarly institutions , research planning conferences, and first volumes of multi-volume series of source materials, lend credence to the claim that the 1976 political change has indeed marked a new era in Chinese scholarship.! This article shall discuss the largest project on Republican period history in progress in the People's Republic, and update the status of communication between Chinese scholars and scholars in the United States. The sources for this report are published accounts of scholarship in China since 1976, and direct communication with Professor Li Xin, Deputy Director, the Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences. Republican History Project In the October, 1979 issue of Modern China (Los Angeles), Professor Li Xin f J~ published an introduction to the "Project on the History of the Republic of China" under his direction in Peking. Agreeing to publish this material in an American journal served to cap off the academic tour of the United States the Deputy Director of the Institute of Modern 2 History had made in April and May of 1979. Only shortly before, in February, 1979, had the description of the project been published in Chinese journals.3 While publications from the Republican history project are only recent , much work was accomplished since its inception in the early 1970s. The efforts since 1972 of the History of Republican China Research Group were expanded under the new Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences in 1977, in the new Center for Research on the History of the Republic of China (Minguo shi 4 yanjiushi lk, liJ :):_ ~~ t '.f ). TABLE OF CONTENTS REPUBLICAN HISTORY PROJECT IN THE P.R.C., Editor •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1 CHINESE ORAL HISTORY PROJECT AT COLUMBIA, C. Martin Wilbur •••••••••••••••••••••• 4 DOCUMENTARY COLLECTIONS ON REPUBLICAN CHINA AT COLUMBIA, C. Martin Wilbur ••• 11 CHINA'S URBAN ECONOMY IN THE 1930s, Parks Coble, Jr. ••••••••••••••••••••••16 WORKSHOP ON REBELLION AND REVOLUTION IN NORTH CHINA, Des Forges and Somers •••• 18 2. Despite their limited output from 1972-1976 under the "Gang of Four," fifty scholars in Peking broke ground on the project, and gradually some thirty more attached to research centers throughout China have come to work in tandem with them, anticipating completion of phases of the project in the early 1980s. Publications one may anticipate from the project Source materials are being collected first--in three series. These will be published in several volumes. Then the final History of Republican China, utilizing the source books, will be composed as a comprehensive history from the preparation for the 1911 Revolution in 1905, to the Nanking demise of the Guomindang government in 1949. The final history will be in six volumes (zhuan) segmented into three parts: Part I, the founding of the Republic (1905-1912 in one volume); Part II, the Peking warlords (1912-1928 in two volumes); and Part III, the Guomindang regime (1927-1949 in three volumes). The projected date for the six volume history is 1985.5 In the meantime the source volumes have already begun to appear. I. The first series will be a chronology of major events (dashiji '}:.._ :f 1,(.. ) , paralleling the benji section of former dynastic histories. The draft for volume one is complete and its publication is anticipated in March, 1980. Zhonghua minguo di chuangli 'f 1f ft f!J iJg ~'J J._ will cover only the 1911-1912 period. The next two volumes will cover the years 1912-1927. There will be three more volumes of chronology on the years 1928-1949. All six chronologies are planned to be in publication by 1983. II. The second series...


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