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Chinese Republican Studies Newsletter Editor Barry Keenan Denison University Granville, Ohio 43023 Advisory and Contributing Editorial Board Lloyd Eastman, Edward Friedman, John Israel James Sheridan, Lyman VanSlyke Volume V Number 1 October, 1979 $4.50 annually CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS, 1978-1979 Regionalism and Economic Development in China and India *Chaired by Robert M. Hartwell, University of Pennsylvania *Held in January 1978 in Philadelphia Historical Demography and Family History in East Asia *Chaired by Susan B. Hanley, University of Washington, and Arthur P. Wolf, Stanford University *Held in August 1978 in Oxford, England Chinese· Communist Rural Bases 1 1922 to 1949 *Chaired by Roy M. Hofheinz, Jr., Harvard University; Kathleen Hartford, Amherst College; and Steven M. Goldstein , Smith College *Held in August 1978 in Cambridge, Massachusetts Chinese Law and the Economy *Chaired by Victor H. Li, Stanford University,- and Jerome A. Cohen, Harvard University *Held in August 1978 in Cambridge, Massachusetts Industrial Science and Technology in the PRC *Chaired by Richard Baum, University of California, Los Angeles *Held in January 1979.on Bermuda Ealt Asian Econoaic Development *Chaired by Ramon H. Myers, The Hoover Institution *Held in January 1979 in Stanford, California Issues in October and February Rural-Urban Relations in Early Modern China *Chaired by Susan Mann Jones~ University of Chicago *Held in August 1979 on Mackinac Island, Michigan Contemporary Chinese Literature and the Performing Arts *Chaired by Bonnie s. McDougall, Harvard University *Held in June 1979 in Cambridge, Massachusetts Training Workshop on Historical Demography *Taught by Nancy Howell, University of Toronto Workshop on Rebellion and Revolution in North China *Chaired by Roger Des Forges, SUNY, Buffalo, and Robert Somers, University of Missouri *Held in July~August 1979 in Cambridge, Massachusetts' T~LE OF CONTENTS '· CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS, 1978- · 1979 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1 REGIONAL MODERNIZATION IN CHINA: REPORT ON TAIWAN RESEARCH PROJECT Project Concept and Organization, Chang P'eng-yuan................... 2 Regional Comparisons, Chang YU-fa.. 5 SCHOLARLY PERIODICALS IN THE PRC, Linda Grove and Ronald Suleski••••• 12 INDEX, Volumes I-IV•••••••••••••••••• 17 ...


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