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Chinese Republican Studies Ne\vsletter Editor: Horman M..t Ill, Otpl. of History. University of Conntclicul. Storrs. Ct. 06268 Advisory and Contribulinll Ediloriol Boordo lloyd Eostman. Edward friedmon. John lorotl. Jomu Shrridon,lymon Van Slykt VoluJre 1 Number 1 Otober, 1975 - ·---··--- ...-.--- ----------·-·---..------ -·-----·----- ··----- -· - ·-- ----- .Q!!.!! OBJECTIVES The purpoue of th!s ne·vsletter Ia to facilitate the flow ')f informaticn among atuder.ta of Republic:an Ch~na. 'i'he eontE'nts of this first iuue illustrate som. r.f the co,ntr•i)>l.\~~ona whi.c~· aJ'l inroz:mal bull,etin can ""'ke: a propoM.l for at.aring source naterial from John JEraelJ .theor'tftical obaerV"at\OnS On varlordhlo by ....inot;:,n llalehJ ar1d aome tentative perapectivPs on Chirll'~;,ar ;;Hare by Lucien .b~·.ncu 1 Lloyd EdBtiUUl, and Robert Kapp. '!'here are al"n a v«rie\i of other thines .:hich thia ne,.~lett•r Cilll do to help foster a senee of intellectuai cor.:l!lun)ty ••m'Jbl1caticu (such as extract~ frol'l high quality graduate 1\o>, for Uca~ r~,o;9.rdir.z innoVl'tions in teachinl(1 and for free dialogue challengin.; \he accepted tr"io:o:o. The newsletter can, mor..over, highlight new n·.lrc~" c>f data, bibliOgraJOil::, ar.d •rchival r.ews. Everyone connected with the Chinese Reput·lican Studirs tievslet ter thinks its orportuni tie~ and po~sibi l1 ties BI'uble-a;>"Ca·i form, submitted in duplicate, and should not exce~d ten pae-a. Inter-rate concia• footnote referencea into the text.. Please keep in lllind th&t ep«ee ia at a preciUIIl. III, <:cit.or, on beh&lf of ~he A~Tiscr,y ar.d Contributing Editorial Board ...


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