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-11Ling Hung-hstin (H. H. Ling; unabl~ Lo attend): 11 China 1 B Epic Strugglt-' in lh-vt·loplng Its Overland Tran8portation System During the Sino-Japancs~ War. 11 Discussant: Paul K. T. Sih (co-chairman) Douglas R. Reynolds (unable to attend): "China's Wartime Politics as Reflected in the Chinese Industrial Cooperative. Movement, 1938-1945." Discuesant: Chi-ming Hou Lawrence Shyu: 11 China 1 s 'Wartime Parliament': The People's Political Council, 1938-1945." Discussant: D1son H. F. Poe Lloyd E. Eastman (co-chairman): "Regional Pol Hies and the Central Government: Yurtitan and Chupgking. 11 Ulscussant: ~lll!am L. Tung " LI ovd E. las tman llniverslty of Illinois at Urhana-Champaign BIOC.RAPHJCA\, DICTIONARY 01' REPUBLICAN Cll!NA PERSONAL. l'l_AME ~ PROJECT Chinese Republican Studies NPWsletter, Vol. 1, No. 2, February 1976, published a list of citations from Biographical Dictionary of RPpuhltcan China to pt·rsons whost names in Chinese have not yet h~en identified for inclusion in a persona] name index to BDRC. The response tu that first list was verv helpful, and the efforts of Republican studies scholars on behalf of this indexing pr~ject are sincerelv appreciated. Below is a second list of personal names requiring identification, and again !"Cholars who readily recognize any are invited to contact: Janet Krompart, Library, Oakland University, Rorhester, HI 48063. Telephone: (313) 377-249~. Unidentified Personal Names from Biographical Dictionarv of Republican China Note: Mistakes in romauii.ation are possible>. Romanized Name Chiang Meng-chou jJf' )~ Chou Yu-chUeh Chu Shu-sheng Hsia Jui-fang BDRC Citation 11:73b, 9Bb IJ:%b IV:56a I: 138b Brief Identification Hunanese Communist. Active radical, late 19 r:. +. One of group plotting assassination of Yuan Shih-k'ai, 1913. Procurator cf Supreme Court, 1933. Indicted Yi P'ei-chi. Co-founder of Coumercial Press; d. 1910. Romanized Name Hsieh Kuo-I iang HsU T1 ung-ch 1 1 Huang Chung-ylng Huang Fei-1 i L1 Shao-pil i -1-y l: 9a I: 240a 11 :449a lll:l80a, 455b II:l25b 11I:l95a Il :4Sbb, 462a I: 138b 111:40\b III: 56b III:l62b 1:409a-b I! 450a Brief ldentif ication Nanklng envov to Lhasa; d. I 931. Military figure in Peking 1916-17. Ch'ing naval commander, 1911. Musical conductor. ~~inland, )960's F.mi•sary to Sun from Cl1ang Tso-I in, 1922. lJcputy in Military D~partment of Ts'ai 0 1 s Yunnan government, 1911 !'-1.ongolj attended 194b KMI' Ct!'ntral t::xccutiv~ committee meetjng. Cumnunlst; dean of Sin Klanp. Cnll.,ge, 193Y. Executed by Sheng Sh!h-tsai, 9/27/43. One of 7-man directorate of Canton government, 1918. Yunnan military figure, 1922; pro Sun. Secretary of Sung Chiao-jen; helped _atch ass~ssin, 1917. Deputy of Lung Chi-knang. Assassinated, Canton, 1914. Co-founder of Cormnercial Press; d. 1929. Film director, 1930's. Military figure under Chang Tsung-ch'ang. Executed 1925. ~ intelligence official, 1945.· Defected to CCP. KMT intelligence official, 1940. Set up training school in Ningpo.·~ ,I 'i Romani zed Name~ Wang Ling-po Yao Hung-yen Yen Chung BDRC Citation l!:73b, 98b lll:2lla I: l 57a lll:JJ]a Brief Jdontificatlon Hunanese CummunJst. Aclive radical, late 19 c. +. Hunan student. Suicide to protest Ch'ing, Japan, 1906. Acting gov., Hupeh, 1939 Headl·Hupeh Dopt. Civ11 Affairs, 1928 lianet Krowpart Oakland University • Whilt> doing research jn Taiwan, I havt: become: acult>ly awar~ of the limitations of tlw Chung-kuo hsien-tai shih tw-liao tiao-ch'a m_~ ( 'fbj\JJLA'\ 't..'i ~~ ilt)j ~').i (Checklist of source materials on contemporary Chinese history), Nankang. Chung-yang yen-chiu yuan chin-tai shih ven-chiu so ( 'f1'~.fL?Li.!!..~\'f.lff.tMj ) comp. and pub]., l9b8-1969, 11 vols., which is the first source one turns to to retrieve documents h('}d by the Historical Archive~ Commission of the Kuomintang. The citations in the f!lerklist are simplv not ver~· inforrn.:itivt•. Rather than discuss the Checklist itself, which has already been done by Herman ~tast Ill, "Changing Times at the Historit:al Archives Commission of the Kuomintang," Journal of Asian Studies XXX:2 (Feb., 1971), pp...


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