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-9Hilary Conroy: Westerners as Contributors to Sino-Japanese Tensions James Crowley: A Touch of Fascism Lloyd Eastman: Facets of an Ambivalent Relationship: Smuggling, Puppets, Atrocities During the War 1937-1945 Harry Harootunian: The Function of China in Tokugawa Thought Hashikawa Bunzo: From Datsu-A to To-A Kyodotai Ikei Masaru: Ugaki Kazushige's View of China Akira Iriye: Toward a New Cultural Order--The Hsin-min Hui Marius Jansen: Konoe Atsumaro Noriko Kamachi: Chinese Communities in Meiji Japan Lin Ming-te: Japan and Yuan Shih-k'ai's Monarchical Scheme (1915-1916) Susan Marsh: Chou Fo-hai: The ¥.aking of a Collaborator Nakamura Takafusa: Japanese Economic Penetration into North China, 1933-38 Bonnie Oh: Korean Response to Sino-Japanese Rivalry John Schrecker: A Comparison of the Reform Movement of 1898 and the Meiji Restoration Okamoto Shumpei: Ishibashi Tanzan's Opposition to the 21 Demands Yui-him Tam: Intellectual R.esponse to ~..Jestern Int-rusion: Naito Kanan's View of Republican China Ernest Young: Chinese Leaders and Japanese Aid in the Early Republic (Madeleine Chi's paper, "Ts 'ao Ju-lin: His Japanese Connections,," was also presented and discussed, although she was unable to attend.) * Akira Iriye University of Chicago * * THE 30TH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF HUMAN SCIENCES IN ASIA AND NORTH AFRICA -- --- -- --- -Formerly , International Orientalist Congress. Mexico City, August 3-8, 1976. Among the papers read or offered but not read (due to absence of author) at the 30th ICHSANA, the following may be of interest to scholars of the Chinese Republican Era: Bianco, Lucien (Universite de Paris): Les paysans dans la revolution chinoise. Part I: Caractere traditionnel de !'agitation paysanne spontanee dans la Chine du Kuomintang. -10Chan , F. Gilbert (Miami University): Revolutionary leadership in transition; Sun Yat-sen and his comrades, 1905-1925 Chan, Ming K. (El Colegio de Hexico): Labor and revolution; the pre-1949 CCP experiences in the labor movement Friedman, Edward (University of Wisconsin): Imperialism and the failure of parliamentary democracy Gewurtz, Margo (University of York): Education and livelihood; the work of the Chinese Vocational Education Association, 1917-1927 Hsueh, Chun-tu (University of Maryland): The Revolution of 1911; man and ideas Metallo, Michael (Providence College): The United States and Sun Yat-sen in the 1920's Price, JaneL. (Hunter College): Revolution and nation-building; the education of Chinese communist leaders, 1937-1945 Wang, Teh-chao (Chinese University of Hongkong): The rise and decline of native banks, ch'ien chuang, in Shanghai Wilbur, Martin C. (Columbia University): Sun Yat-sen and Soviet Russia Abstracts of all papers have been made available by the Congress in the form of a set of pamphlets, of which Volume 5 contains abstracts of all papers on China. Ernst Wolff University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign * * * SEMINAR ON CHINESE URBAN CENTERS IN AN AGRARIAN CONTEXT Held at the University of Chicago, August 23-27, 1976. Sponsored by the Joint Committee on Contemporary China of the ACLS and SSRC. This meeting was originally conceived as an interdisciplinary gathering to focus on problems in economic and social organization at the local level in China after 1850, with particular attention to urban centers, urban-rural relations, and relationships between cities at various levels of the central place hierarchy. It was hoped that this orientation would draw attention away from conventional historical dividing lines, in particular the Revolution of 1911; and would turn attention to problems as yet largely unresearched: the extent and pace of urbanization during the post-Taiping period; the much-discussed development of an urban culture that drew an increasing proportion of China's elite away from the rural sector of society; and the disparity between observations of economic growth and prosperity in urban areas and market systems, and observations of agrarian crisis. The seminar concluded with an outline of prospects for future research building upon material presented in the papers (see appended list of titles and authors). We were interested in trying to quantify as much of our data as possible, using whatever measures the data afford us. Of particular importance as indicators of flows of trade and mobilization of resources are guild organizations and groups of migrant laborers, I [ ...


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