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-1 ~Discusi :;ants were Evt!lyn Ra.wski, Thomas Ra\olski, and Philip Kuhn. Ri.q•porteur was William Alspaugh. Susan Mann Jones University of Chicav,u • • CONFERENCE ~NATIONALIST CHINA ~THE SINO-JAPANESE WAR, 1937-1945 On April 30-May 2, 1976, a conference on wartime China waa convened at the University of Illinois. It was aponsored jointly by the Center of Asian Studies, St. John's University, and the Center for Aoian Studies, the University of Illinois. The meetings were particularly lively because the background, experienc~, and views of the participants varied greatly. Some participants, for example, had oerved Jn prominent positions in the Nationalist' govel"nment- during the war, while others were academic historians who based their writings largely on research in written materialo. The sessions sometimes, therefore, took on the aspect of a meeting between historical actors and their historians. No consensus on interpretations of the events of the war emerged from the sessions, nor was that the intent of the conference. Participants did agreea however, that the exchanges had been stimulating and fruitful. Proceedings of the conference will probably be published in the near future. Participants and Papers Li YUn-han: "The Origins of the War: The !lackg round of the Lukuochiao Incident." Discussant: Akira lriye Wu Hsiang-hsiang: "Military Strategy and Major Operations: An Assessment of the Chinese Military Contributions to World War 11." Discussants: William W. Whitson and Chiao-min Hsieh Liang Ching-tUTI (Chin-tung Liang): "How the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance Was Negotiated by Stalin and Soong in 1945." Discussant: Steven Levine Shen Tsung-han (T. H. Shen): "Food Supply and Distribution for Military and Civilian Needs." Discussants: Anthony H. Tang and Dennis Chinn Wu Chiln-sheng {C. T. Ou): "Education in Wartime China. 11 Discussant: Jessie G. Lutz Jo• - :orael: 11 Southwest AsSociated University: Survival As an Ultimate Value." Discussant: Chun-fan Mao Chi-ming Hau: "Economic Development and War Finance in China, 1937-1945." Discussant: Peter Schran -11Ling Hung-hsUn (H. H. Ling; unablt! lo attend): "China's Epic Strugglt- in J)(·Vl·loping Its Overland Tran&;portation Syntem During the Sino-Japunl'St' \.Jar." lllscuseant: Paul K. T. Sih (co-chainnan) Douglas R. Reynolds (unable to attend): "China's Wartime Politics as Reflected in the Chinese Industrial Cooperative Movement, 1938-1945." Discussant: Chi-ming Hou Lawrence Shyu: 11 ChJna'e 'Wartime Parliament': The People's Political Council, 1938-194 5." Discussant: Dison H. F. Poe Lloyd E. Eastman (co-chairman): "Regional Pol !tics and the Central Government: * Yurriian and Chungking." UJscussant: ,Wtllfam L. Tung l Llovd E. Eastman llnlverslty of Jlllnols at Urhana-Charnpafgn BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF REPUBLICAN CHINA PERSONAL NAME INllEX PROJECT Chinese Republican Studies N....,s]etter, Vol. 1, No. 2, February 1976, publl•lied a list of citations from Biographical Dictionary of Rc·puhl1can China to person!i whost· names in Chinese have not yet been identified for inclusion 1n a personal nam~ index to BDRC. The response to that first list was very helpful, and the efforts of kepubllcan studies scholars on behalf of this indexing project are sincerelv appreciated. Below is a second list of personal names requiring identification, and again scholars who readily rerognize any are invited to contact: Janet Krompart, Library, Oakland University, Rochester, HI 48063. Telephone: (313) 377-2495. Unidentified Personal Names from Biographical Dictionarv of Republican China Note: Mistakes in roma11ization are possible. Romanized Name Chiang Meng-chou J_,t )~ Chou Yu-chiieh Chu Shu-sheng Hsia Jui-fang BDRC Citation II:73b, 98b II:%b IV:56a I: 138b Brief Identification Hunanese Communist. Active radical, late 19 c. +~ One of group plotting assassination of Yuan Shih-k'ai, 1913. Procurator of Supreme Court, 1933. Indicted Yi P'ei-chi. Co-founder of Commercial Press; d. 1910. ...


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