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Romani zed Nam£> Wang Ling-po Yao Hung-yen Yen Chung BDRC Citation l!:73b, 98b Ill: 2lla 1: I 57a 111 :JJla Brief Identification HunaneiH• Comrnuni st. Active radical, late 19 c. +. Hunan student. Suicide to protest Ch'in&, Japan, I 906. Acting gov., Hupeh, 1939 Head, Hupeh Dept. Civil Affairs, 1928 I _/Janet Krompart O•kland University * RESEARCH ~01.I'._:_ l~C~ ON THE filA"!_(:SJ SOVIET Pf:RJOIJ AT THE HIS~ MQJIVES r.DMI"' I SS JON QI' l.fif: K\IOMJ NTANf; While doing research in Taiwan, I have become acutely aware of the limitations of tlw Chung-kuo hslen-t3i shih tw-lia liao-ch'a m_~ ( flil!f!A\ 't..'l ~~ $/l)j l!J'}Jt. (Checklist of source materials on contemporary Chinese history), Nankang, Chung-yang yen-chiu yuan chin-tai shih ven-chiu so ( 'ff\~.fLlL~4\')(ljf1i,Mj ) comp. and pub!., 1968-1969 1 11 vols., which is the first source one turns to to retrieve documents held by the Hiscorira] Archives Commission of th~ Kuomintang. The citations in th~ Check1isr are 5imp]y not very inform.Jriv1·. Rather than discuss the Checklist itself, which has already been done by Herman ~tasl Ill, "Changing Times ar the Historical Archives Conunission of the Kuomintang~" Journal of Asian Studies X.XX:2 (Feb., 1971), pp. ld3-418, l ...,,.u]d likL· brief}~· to discu!'iS snml· of the documents that I have seen in tla· l'OUf!it- of my rl'~C>arth on tht· Kuclminrang'~ Comrnunisl suppl"t'5~ion campaigns 1n t\iangsi in order to prepare res~arrhers for the documents thev will use ac the ~artv Archives and to encourage others to contribute similar piect-s to the .News]e~. The documents at the Party Archives are unquestionably indispensab]e for research on Republican China. Certain items that are unavailablt.' in the United States art> located there. For example, my search for documentation on Communist suppression activities in Kiangsi turned up crucial issues of the Chiang-hsi sheng chen@-flJ kung-pao (;.z. ,~ ;\j J).j1 ,,;: t& ) (Kiangsi Provincial r.overnment r.azette), which was compiled by the provinc al secretariat during the Nanking decade. In the United States there are microfilm copits of issues oublished bet~e~n January 14-November 20, 1929 and the Anti-Japanese War period. The equally useful Chiang-hsi min-cheng kung-pao ( ~"l ..i;I iJ.:.i JA. '.; f~ ) (Kiangsi Civil Affairs Department r.azette), which was compiled bv the provincial Civil Affairs Department, is, as far as I know, completely unavailable in the United States. These gazettes are primary sources for data on local institutions and activities such as the effectiveness of the Kung-An ChU (Public Securitv Bureau) or the progress of the economic blockade \o.'hich played an integral role in the Communist suppression strategy. - I t.Al tilt samf: time-, 1->ome of Lht' grchival docum~nls tHl· uf llmilt-d ui:u.•. Thcubiqui tou!-. propagand..i booklt·l ts an t:.•xamp1t- of Auch a documc.·nt. Most of these booklets arL' dt_·vott·d to ont> of two purposes: f1Tst, to describe the criminal activities of the Ho-called Communi~t bandits and tl1e irrationality of what they advocate; second, to dis~~mJnale regulations on Reeminglv ~very aspect of life. ThP reliabilit~ of the firRL type of propaganda literature 1~ open to question, ~specially in the absence of specif!~ refcr-c.•ni:t-s, The second type le fine as far at> it goes, but tht> significant issut'F> deal b.-ss 1oJith government intentions and more with ~overnment actions. Regulations are mort> meaningful ~hen one knows the degree to which they were enforced and their impact on Chinese society. The tvpe of document that answers these sorts of questions are the reports periodically issued bv Rovernmental agencies. These reports offer detailed df'scr:lpt ions of the responsibilities, programs, and experienr"es of the reporting agency. Tht'y ~re ofttn replete 'w'ith statistical data and critical conments. One euch report if' the ~~~!!L..£!lcng-f u chiln-shih _wet-yUan-hui wei-yllan-chanA_ Nan-chanJLJ1s ing-ying ch' u-) 1 chia...


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