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..'(II 1. tL .'1J1.u1·•n.,.y. ~!.!_l_c!.:._~Ld~·. Sov.!_1.'--~~ (li1·11l!-oin 1 11.d.) 1 Jl· 13]. i.:.. IL,id. r 15. The full c .. xt al 1..1 Ta-chao's plea ·on l>Pllalf of the Chinest: Communists to retain their mt·mbersldp in tht· Chinese ConJnuniHt Party while becominK member& of thil:" Kuomintang is in Ko-ming w~n-hsien 1 IX. 1243-1254. A partial translation is available Chiang K.ii-shek, Soviet Ru•sia in China, A Sunning Up at Seventy (Ne~ York, 1957), iiy~ PP· 26-28. I ; 16. A. J. Kartunova, "Sun 'tat-sen 1 Russkie SovetnJkJ. Po Documentam 1923-1924g" ~ (Sun Y.H-scn and the. Russian Advifi.ors. Based on Documents of 1923-1924) in ~~ !866-1%6. f: _Stoly_t_!.1-u So llnya Ro_c)1d~niy.!": Shornik Slatien-!'>hcng te fihih-liao vu shih-hsu..~h l7~11pei: Chung-hua min-kuo i;hih-]i-110 ven-chiu chun~-hsin, lq75)~ C:. t-b:·:in Wilhur, ~1m "at-sen: fru~trau·d Patriot (New York: C:o}u1T1bia l•niver!-'itv ! ress. 1Q76) .• ~·: essdy i:- not a revie""· article. have had the priviler.e of knowing both author~ well 1 711ank~ to i.t:l'm, l have hecome interested in Sun's fascinatinF, career as a revolutionarv. i~ essa·: is therefore intended to bP an expression of mv gratitude for their in~pirin1 ~dance anC generous assistance. As a graduate student at Columbia llniversity and., as a visiting Tesearch fellow of the Kuomintang Archives,l 1 also _.benefited greatly from my association with r.hiang Yung-ching and Li Yun-han. Because of their valua~le hr:P, my research in Taiwan durinR 1969-1970 was most fruitful.· ~e have since become clo5e friends. To, them all, I am deeplv indebted. ~d 1~ Hisf0riograohical St1rvev Lvon Sharman, a foreign so;ourner in China, complained in lG3~ ahout th~ "Sun Yat-sen Cult." In her search for "a real man," she found "a here) alrea.dv stiffen~h :into an idol."~ fortv-tuo vears later. C. Martin Wilbur similar1v noted the ''manv difficulties" in discovering the 1 'true'1 Sun. His lonp: \'ears of careful res.earct1 not..,ithstandin~, \.:ilbur claimed to have oresented in his ne"'' book onlv 11 an exterior vithf o: the Chir.ese revolutionarv leader. He blam~d this Dartlv on "the censorship that su •1H1·1l.!i some uf lhc fl't.:orJ. 113 111 his h.i::;toriogrnpld1.:aJ Ntudv 11f· 1911 Ntn•tal ions served i['lportant political purpoee5. Tht'v providi L.ldang Kai-shek. Sun·~ suppoaedly loyal discit•lf', with .1ustificatJon to rule f.hina against the ch.:1.llenHes of ambitious warlords, Chinese Conmi.untats, and above all, Japanef• eg~ressors. Becau:-.f' of the lack of a viable political Philosophy, the acceptance of ! Sun's ideology as the par~y bible was necessary for Chiang's battle a~ainst Marxism- ~ Leninlsm. Thus, in his Hin-kuo pai-jen chuan (Hundred Biographies of Republican China), Wu Hsiang-hsiang treated Ch'en Tu-hoiu and Li Ta-chao with obvious prejudice.1 7 They were the only Chinese Communists discussed at length in thi• four-volume work. tld In their evaluation of Sun's contributions to the revolution, the Chinese Communisl were ~quall~ ~uilty of hjstorj0Krapl1jcal distortion.JR Sun'fi bourge~i5-democratic revolution '-'11!'0 the harbini:?,er of the C:orrununist: movement in China. Hence, instead uf Chian~ KaJ-~ht'k, who gai1wd control of the Kuomintan~, tht' ChineRe CommunistR were Sun'ft'tl true followers. They t-mphaRiu·d the so-t:.alll!d "Three istenrt• to peasant~ and workerfi. Thf"Y condemned Chiang's pur~c ,,f tt1eir comradL·s in 1927, and char~ed thRt the NankinR ~overnment was but a reactionarv interre11,num of the Chinese revolutionary movement. ;.~-r Kuomintang nor Communist historianfi F>tresHed oh.1ectivity in their studJes fl··\IS of the two political pani~s.:-ir In these writings. Sun appeared aR a demir,od, and thr hiscorv of the Chinese revolution; was ovcrshado~ed bv the glortfvin~ accounts of thP life oi one man...


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