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I'J. ~Ct: Uuotnf', Cld- I u 1 s t· :->:->.:.ty J 11 )~t_·.!_l,_-_' loj~~~·J..:::•.i_'_·_!_l•_ .l~!·_L'·~!..-4sJ:~:!!l..:.. 4l~:. ..:.".h.~l:-:)_l_:~o___y_•• • 1• 1 h-li_H_~I~, PfJ. JOJ-JO'J. 16. Ste Chiang's article, ~·, pp. 12~-lbl. 37. This was an exrwnsion of the 196~ two-volurnp edition of Sl'1PCt('d War~::· 38. A shorter edition of Huang's Complete Works had been published in l9b8. 39. See the index for Volumes 1-12, Ke-ming )en-wu chih so-yin (Taipei: Kuomintang Archiv~s, 1974). 40. Quoted from Sharman, Su~Yat-sen, pp. viii and xti. / -41. Wilbur, Sun Yat-sen, p. 7. Cf. ~/C:ilbcrt fhan, "Rt>volotionary Lt>adt·rship in Transition: Sun Yat-sen and 111s Comradl'S, '1')05-192'," (unpubllshPd paper pres£"nt,·d lo thl· 30th lnternational Congn.•ss of Human St:it·ncc-:-; in Asia and North Africa, /\UJ~Ust ), 1976). 42. f. Gilbert Chan, "Su11 Yul-rH·n and lion~ ..:onr.•.January-June 1924: An Altt·rnlt iVl' to J: t\atinnalit>m and Revolution (Ne"J York: r;,..,.. Viewpoints, 1976), p. 27. Set· also The lndt'pcndenl, July 8, 1922. p. 5Hh. 46. Chan·. "Revoluth•nary Leadership in Transition." 47. Dan r.:. Jacobs, "Recent Russian Material on Soviet Advisers in China: 1923-1927,'" China Quarterly_, No. 41 (Januarv/Harch 1970), pp. 103-112; and Wilbur, Sun Yat-sen, pp. 371-390 (Bihliographv). WORKING CONFERENCE ON REPUBLICAN CHINA f. bert Ch.1n Miami University Twenty-three scholars attended a verv successful Working Conference on Republican China convened at the East Asian Research Center, Harvard University, on August 16-20, 1976. The conference \o.'as funded bv the National Endo\lffient for the Humanities, the Joint Committee on Contemporarv China (SSP.C-ACLS), and the Fa!=it Asian Resenrch Centt•r, and wns organized by Lloyd E. Eastman and John K. Fairbank. TI1e occasion for the conference was the rec'ent availability of a corpus or ne\o.' WTitlngs on the Republican ·period. These included, first, the draft chapters for Volumes 12 and 13 of the Cambridge History of China being edited by Professor Fairbank; and, second, the four interpretative essavs, Prepared at the invitation of the Joint Committee I' ! ·•OLL·mpor..~;ry China. th.• t Wl.'ft' l'uhl isl .. , in Vol. 1. N11mlH•r J of thi•; _N~~~-.!_~_L_,:r. 1'1'"'(· o{ widl•sprt·..;d inll•n·st in '-'Ludj~··, of tlw Rt·puhl it:an pt-rind. the ur~.1ni7.l'fs nl 111 !•·rt·nt·,. bt·li~vt·d th:Jl tla:st: lW.,• av•.dLdde writings appended. tht•r 011 It is lmpractic,p,bh· hen.: L,, list th~ many FOubjects that were dit;cussPd in th~ wt.·t·k of meetin~s. Reader~ may bt.· int(•rested, however, to know that the participants p.cne-rall held strong r~servations .1-bOut Lht: attempts (publit~hed in this Newsletter 1.3) to ~e construct broad interpretative concepts desiRned to shed light on the historical dynamic~ of the Republican period. 11 Few participants, .. concluded the conference rapporteur, ' "found the~0L' conceplt; to be totally without UHe," yet many were concerned that thest" r· cont:eptual construcl!-. ....erf' "dan~erousl,, detennin1st1r tn their implications," and that "they mighl sccr."' Lo imp}y that altern baRed on other interpretation!-.. Ho~->t partictp.·wts seemraltzations that mad1· no attt'mpt to t!TU:Ompa:..h the entire pl~riod. Some ol the mo~t Lriti,·al cummcnls in the confPrence were directed at the m~thodolo~v and modes (lf ('XpTt'hsinn frt·nu~nl]y emplnved by writers on the Republican pt•rlnd. 1~~~~ oftt·n, hliiLit" of tilt· p.1rti( n1ants ar~ul'd, authors adopt a teleoloiit,iral approach. vi('win~ hi ... toricul •·vf'nt ...; frtlnl the perspective of tlu· winners. The:v thus tend' both to denip.rale tlw lo!;tions like~ why did the effortl not succeed? or how did it contrihute to the Communlst success? S~holars ought to ; comprehend their historical ~ubjects in terms of the values and perceived alternatives ~ the time. ~e A...


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