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Chinese Republican Studies Newsletter Editor: Herman Mast Ill, Dept. of History, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Ct. 06268 Advisory and Contributing Editorial Board: Uoyd Eastman, Edward Friedman. John Israel. James Sheridan. Lyman Van Slyke Volume III Number 1 October, 1977 CHANGE OF EDITORSHIP With this issue, the editorship of the Newsletter passes to Professor Barry Keenan of Denison University. During this transition, I hope I might be permitted one brief reflection. It is no longer premature, as perhaps it was just five years ago, to speak of the "field" of Republican China studies. Our field has emerged as an identifiable entity, with an authentic contribution toward understanding the larger sweep of modern Chinese events. It no doubt remains true, as Arif Dirlik's stimulating essay in this -issue reminds us, that a unified understanding of what we should study in modern China is problematic. But the substantial effort of our colleagues to redefine the role of -·separate historical forces in the broader picture is evidence, I think, of the vitality of our enterprise. To whatever extent this Newsletter has helped us move toward a more thoughtful conceptualization of our subject, I am especially pleased to have been a part of it. Henceforth, all correspondence should be addressed to Professor Keenan, Department of History, Denison University, Granville, Ohio, 43023. Checks for subscriptions and for renewals should also be made payable to him. '~-RENEWAL OF SUBSCRIPTIONS · If an "O" appears in the upper left corner of this page, it means that you have not renewed your subscription for the 1977-78 academic year. Reluctantly, we have been forced to increase our yearly rate to $4.50. (Subscribers who have prepaid for this year will enjoy the old rate.) Please renew as soon as possible. BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE The demand for back issues from our first year of operation~(l975-76) has been high. Therefore, we are making Xerox copies available (postpaid) at the following rates: Volume I, Number 1 (October, 1975), $2.00; Volume I, Number 2 (February, 1976), $2.00; and Volume I, Number 3 (April, 1976--the "state of the t"ield"-~s'})ecial issue), $4. 00. Please place your order by December 1, 1977, and copies will be mailed shortly thereafter. Orders should be placed with Professor Keenan at the above address. * * * STATE OF THE FIELD REVISITED -----Arif Dirlik's assessment of the state of our field follows. We are all indebted to Mary B. Rankin for helping to arrange the appearance of this essay. ...


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