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PUBLICATIONS IN THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA (compiled with the help of Resource & Information Center for Chinese Studies, Taipei, Taiwan, China) Chen Qinguo rJjj_ I~ 1rf. Hufa y!Jndong-:--junzh:_ngfu shiqi zhl junzheng yanjiu~~;J.;j_f}j '""'tf1j#fl~J;.{i~ f.~~.-6Jf X (Protecting Constitution movement-A Study of the Politics in the Period of Military Government), Taibei: Zhongyang yanjiu yuan, Sanmin zhuyi yanjiu suo•f:}(.G{~f~!..j{:,J~111Jf.i1 , 1984, 154 pp. Hu Pingsheng it~ -f 1J. . J11 1.~ ..[Zhang Taiyan de shixian~ (1868-19191 ,ji,~,i_ dui r_l;lji~~X'Je chuantong de chongjl ,~ /;,/( &~/!j Jt. &., -fr.1]1XJJf f~.f.t l1J f•f]~f (Zhang Taiyan's Thoughts and Their Impact· ori Confucian Tradition) I Taibei: Shibao wenhua chuban gongsl nft f;}._ _( -1 ~ j:; Jfk.._ 'j,~ ~] 1 19851 264 PP• ::.-:;r A... Jiaj ian J ('ji!J f\ ;&!] Nt{: ,!bj ~~~ ~ J!Crt'·JJ1!J£. ~ a.r Yu Yingsh.i ;f, ~ HJ Chen Yinke wannian shiwen shizhen~--jianlun tade xueshu j in~_she':l he wa~nian _,xinj ing r.f-~~ ·/t; flfu ~ ~# J.. fJJfl: ""'Jtfili1J!.J ~1 ~~Af:rJ~ 1f-;foatJt '..:.}ftu (Exegesis of Chen Y.inke Is Poems ~n his Twilight L~fe together with a Discussion on his Mood in Those Days and the Essence of his Scholarship), Taibei: ShibaO Wenhua ChUban gongsi n11~ 1:1t;J:4fx.~ dJ 1 1984, 179 PPo .;, -rf ' Zeng Qinliang W1/J f'Taiwan minjian xinyang_ yu fengshen yanyi zhi bijiao yanjiu {1 ;.~·t\)aj jj {i'f J4Jfif ~Jf ~; :i_ c.Lf(~,f jL (A Comparative Study between Folk B~l.iefs in Taiwan and the ~tory of Enfeoffment of Gods), Taibei: Huazheng shuju JffK f .t:J 1984, 205 pp. Zhongyang yanjiu yuan, Jindaishi yan)l.U suo f /(Jtf/t f:{)lf._ 1{'(.bif '}[)~1Zh !1nghue~: min~uo c~~...lish ..i yanta~hui lunwenji (1912-1927) f!ff'vt1]11fo-A~-fl (.61JJ


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