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5 Congratulatory Messages in Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Asian Perspective Message from the Former Publisher It is hard to believe that twenty-five years have passed since the first issue of Asian Perspective was published. Only by going back to the journal's earliest days, and comparing it with current issues, can we see the remarkable strides it has made. From its inception, Asian Perspective was, in one respect, con­ ceived as a scholarly vehicle to share and promote a deeper under­ standing of North Korea with the global community. In its own way, I believe it initially provided academics and scholars with a scientific basis for discussion of unification and peace between the two Koreas, and from that beginning evolved to include the affairs of the commu­ nity it wished to reach. My hope has always been that Asian Perspec­ tive might contribute to international dialogue and become a journal of analysis that, in turn, would serve to forward peace on the Korean peninsula and thereby the world. Perhaps in some small way it has. For now, as a forum for discussion of Korean, Asia-Pacific and world issues, I believe those initial hopes have met with some modest achievement. Today, twenty-five years from its humble beginning, I would like to congratulate Asian Perspective and all those associated with it. I especially thank the staff at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies who have devoted their time to making Asian Perspective a world-class journal, the numerous Korean and international scholars who have shared their knowledge with our readership, and the readers them­ selves for their insightful responses. It is my hope that Asian Perspec­ tive will continue to attract the quality of academic discourse it has in the past, foster greater discussion in the future, and further the cam­ paign for regional and global peace and development. Jae Kyu Park Former Publisher Minister of Unification, Republic of Korea 6 A significant role in the creation of a truly world academic community Asian Perspective has created for itself an enviable position among world academic journals. It is the one journal to which serious schol­ ars will turn for articles specializing in the discussion of contempo­ rary issues in Northeast Asia. If this was important during the last twenty-five years, it will be even more so in the next twenty-five. Northeast Asia will be a major fulcrum of geopolitical struggles. The relations among the three loci—Japan, China, and Korea—and the relations of each and the trio with the rest of the world—the U.S., Rus­ sia, Southeast Asia, and western Europe—will be a very large factor in how we all navigate this difficult age of transition. Asian Perspective has also permitted a large diffusion of contem­ porary Korean scholarship to the rest of the world, and has therefore played a significant role in the necessary creation of a truly world aca­ demic community. Its job is far from finished, because the tasks are so large. But I feel confident that Asian Perspective will seek with all its customary intellectual energy to further its work and continue to contribute to our collective discussion. Immanuel Wallerstein Distinguished Professor at SUNY(Binghamton) Director of Fernand Braudel Center, USA 7 Non-conventional treatment of themes... in Asian affairs On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Asian Perspec­ tive, members of the Center for Development and International Rela­ tions at Aalborg University, Denmark, send greetings. We appreciate the importance of having a journal that is pro­ duced in cooperation between Kyungnam University and Portland State University. The journal has been doing a serious job in treating serious regional issues as well as questions of worldwide concern. This is being done in a rather open fashion but nevertheless in a principled position. In a world dominated by media conglomerates, a journal like Asian Perspective offers both contributors and readers access to non-conventional treatment of themes of interest for scholars, stu­ dents, and people interested in Asian affairs. Although the journal deals mainly with Northeast Asia its scope has been more general. It aims to inform and stimulate discussions of social sciences questions, world/comparative...


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