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T'ang Studies 12 (1994) WESTERN-LANGUAGE WORKS ON T'ANG STUDIES, 1993 This bibliography attempts to be as complete as possible for Western-language works on T'ang studies published-not necessarily dated-in 1993. A few items not included in earlier bibliographies are also listed. It should be noted that some books and articles included here are only partly concerned with the T'ang; the criterion for inclusion in such cases is that the work deal with a T'ang topic in more than an incidental, albeit less than exclusive, fashion. The bibliography is divided into three sections-(I) Books, (II) Articles and Research Notes, and (III) Dissertations. Omissions should be brought to the attention of the Editor, for inclusion in future lists. I. BOOKS L'Age d'or de la Chine (618-907). Historia, special 22 (March-April 1993). Chinas Goldenes Zeitalter: Die Tang-Dynastie (618-907 n. Chr.) und das kuIturelle Erbe der Seidenstrafle. Ed. Diether Kuhn. Heidelberg: Braus, 1993. [For the exhibition at the Museum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte der Stadt Dortmund, 22 Aug. - 21 Nov. 1993] Ho, Richard M.W. Ch'en Tzu-ang, Innovator in T'ang Poetry. Hong Kong: The Chinese Univ. Press, 1993. Reiter, Florian C. Kategorien und Realien in Shang-ch'ing Taoismus (Shang-ch'ing tao lei-shih hsiang): Arbeitsmaterialien zum Taoismus der fruhen T'ang Zeit. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1992. Religion and Society in T'ang and Sung China. Ed. Patricia Buckley Ebrey and Peter N. Gregory. Honolulu: Univ. of Hawaii Press, 1993. 137 Bibliography Spring, Madeline K. Animal Allegories in T'ang China. New Haven: American Oriental Society, 1993. Watson, Burton, trans. The Zen Teachings of Master Lin-chi: A Translation of the Lin-chi lu. Boston: Shambhala, 1993. II. ARTICLES AND RESEARCH NOTES Asim, Ina. uDie aristokratische Grabkultur des 7. und 8. Jahrhunderts," Goldenes Zeitalter, 173-178. uDas Grab des Li Shou,u Goldenes Zeitalter, 178-199. Cahill, Suzanne. "Marriages Made in Heaven," T'ang Studies 10/11 (1992-93), 111-122. Chou Shan. ULiterary Reputations in Context," T'ang Studies 10/11 (1992-93), 41-66. DeMeyer, Jan. uConfucianism and Daoism in the Political Thought of Luo Yin," T'ang Studies 10/11 (1992-93),67-80. Ebrey, Patricia Buckley and Peter N. Gregory. uThe Religious and Historical Landscape," In Religion and Society, 1-44. Elisseeff, Danielle. "La Splendeur des Tang," L'Age d'or, 27-34. uWu Hou devient 'Imperatrice du CieV " L'Age d'or, 51-57. von Eschenbach, Silvia Preiin Ebner. "Religiose Vielfacht durch Toleranz und Kontrolle/' Goldenes Zeitalter,45-51. 138 lang Studies 12 (1994) "Entfaltung und BHitedes Buddhismus: Illusion und Vision des Buddhismus," Goldenes Zeitalter, 221-232. Girmond, Sybille. "Die Einfaltung der Pracht im Alltag," Goldenes Zeitalter, 110155 . -- and Dieter Kuhn. "Funde aus dem 'Unterirdischen Palast' des Tempels Famensi," Goldenes Zeitalter, 157-71. -- and Hildegard Scheid. "Die Vergegenwartigung der Vision: Buddhas, Bodhisatvas und Reliquien," Goldenes Zeitalter, 233-271. Gregory, Peter N. and Patricia Buckley Ebrey. "The Religious and Historical Landscape," in Religion and Society, 1-44. Hansen, Valerie. "Gods on Walls: A Case of Indian Influence on Chinese Lay Religion?" in Religion and Society, 75-113. Herbert, P.A. "Decree Examinations in T'ang China," T'ang Studies 10/11 (1992-93),1-40. Kirkland, Russell. "Draft Entries for a T'ang Biographical Dictionary: Wang Hsi-i, Huang Ling-wei, Ho Chili-chang," T'ang Studies 10/11 (1992-93), 153-165. Kong, Haili. "The Point of View: Narrativity in Wang Wei's Poems," Chinese Culture 34.4 (1993),27-42. Kramer, Martin. "Aristokratisches Leben in der Hauptstadt," Goldenes ZeitaIter, 81-108. Kuhn, Dieter. "Chinas Goldenes Zeitalter (618-907)," Goldenes Zeitalter, 18-44. 139 Bibliography -- and Sybille Girmond. "Funde aus dem 'Unterirdirschen Palast' des Tempels Famensi/' Galdenes Zeitalter, 157-171. Larre, R.P. Claude "Les Nestoriens en Chine," L'Age d'or, 75-78. Lee,John. "Early T'ang Buddhism and the Observance Tradition," in Sui T'ang shih lun-chi (Studies on the Sui and T'ang Dynasties), ed. Joseph Wong and Lau Kin-ming (Hong Kong: Centre of Asian Studies, Univ. of Hong Kong, 1993),242-54. Levy, Andre. "Chang'an, la capitale des fils du Ciel," L'Age...


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