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  • Victorian Poetry IndexVolume 58, 2020
169 Alex Alonso
"Provocative propinquity": Paul Muldoon and Edward Lear
187 Matthew Bevis
Edward Lear's Happiness
501 Martin Brooks
Authenticity as Performance and the Conventions of Companionship in Fanny Kemble's Poems
237 Caitlin Crandell
Browning's Metaforms: Transformation and the Work of the Artist in The Ring and the Book
27 Denae Dyck
Falling into Hope: Wisdom Poetry and the Reinterpretation of Suffering in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's A Drama of Exile
1 Oliver Goldstein
"Dante-on-Steroids": "English Terza" and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Casa Guidi Windows
53 Antony H. Harrison
Percy Shelley, James Russell Lowell, and the Promethean Aesthetics of EBB's "The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point"
135 Eliza Haughton-Shaw
"Antic Dispositions": Lear and Dickens
291 Seán Hewitt
Gerard Manley Hopkins's "Skies of Couple-Colour"
403 Irmtraud Huber
Idle Singers, Idle Songs: The Birth of Poetry from the Spirit of Idleness
269 Rachael Isom
The Female Enthusiast Revived: Poetic Lineage in Aurora Leigh
107 Jasmine Jagger and Benjamin Westwood
Introduction: New Work on Edward Lear
73 Casie LeGette
Gems by the Thousands: Hoarding Poetry in the Late Nineteenth Century
1 21 Sara Lodge
"One of the Dumms": Lear, Deafness, and the Wound of Sound
207 Noreen Masud
Lear's Leftovers
475 Patricia Murphy
A State of Discontent and Dismay: E. Nesbit Dissects Victorian Marriage
427 Alex Murray
Michael Field's Words worth
93 Eugene O'Connor
"By there comes a listless stranger": Gerard Manley Hopkins's "Epithalamion" as a Poem of Queer (Non)performance
451 E. E. Sheng
Housman's Compassionate Didactic
221 Jenny Uglow
Afterword: Lear Outside Time
151 James Williams
The Old Person of Chroma


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