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A List of Participants and Papers Read at the Inaugural Meeting of the Tang History' Society (from Tan shi an'iu hui huikan Jl1?. -i'ff ~ ~ 1r~ l[November 1980J) Ii-~ ~ 1t: %~..:1:.:k. ~1~~~ 1F- (~:/l! ~~~t~ ]f) .~I" .~ ..------------------ .-.----- .!?I.iiS jj 9toot±~*~~~l!riJf5tJ!Jj' :It Jj{ it iN 3.:. ~ jj 9t*~~~~ijfJt~ :It J1{ if iN x ~ .JJ ~w~tt~#~~ ~WW:tf: .:E It .JJ ~~AfiJ~~$ ~jfHf~ .:E7k~ .JJ :jt**~lE5I!~ :It ...•... i1f m /~ x{.p~ :!JJ I1r~*~!n~~ w*~iff .:E;t~~ :!JJ 5j~U~~~~ ~WMtm .:EM~ :!JJ fuJ:ltJ1ijim:~I;tBi~~ :It Jit 3.:.m$ M *'T~f±~:f-t~ mt:::tfi!i"m~JW mrijl~:§*1f If::.f{JjJ .!Jj ~5J/iji1E:*~lJj~~ I ~j!§fi~ 4J!3!. :!JJ l~tM:*~m~~ a**~ "t~~ :!JJ tmjli J1ijim:~J:~m ~~ j ttw;tm1H :rL~1I1 :!JJ 9=t00 f1J _tEii~ ttl :It * ~~JB :!Jj ~jHH*~1Jj 9!~ 1 Wm~ffl I ~~m :!JJ ~51Ji!jm:*~m~~ [ ~5i'!i:t(. a~~ .JJ :It:!inrnHi! *~ffi 51! ~ :It ---.. it 11'l ... ~ l' l1J :!JJ :ltJit!1fjim:~~m.'£~ :It Ji( g-:w "k A~mJljH± :It ---.. JlX1J 1111 jj wfi*~JJjt£~ wl'i:-J.cLOC X11~fJ11 .JJ m~t±~f4~~ 1Ij!1I1H ~1*~ .JJ :ft;1H!li1im~!;tm~l\ ttw;~;Ji I • ~JS!1f "k it1#!1iJim*~ffi5l!l\ I 1t*~;tI 1f,*il .JJ ~ffl*~m5l!~ I 1t:iitt~7t1 JjI )& :!JJ lJB~ft¥JJiff ~WlUl ii"'~~ .JJ 1fjG)c ~f:tiH.1flS ~imW:li: ~lfm !Jj . .t~;ttjf~~ J: 1fiJ ~~a .JJ itHf*~m~l{ ~ Mt ~it!. .Yl ~WA ~ HUtlitt ~nn~ * ~ .JJ ~i¥i*~JE:1!l\ ~iffmlYJ 42 1(£ ~If£ jJlJ/ ~zJlJ I !Jj ~!ft,,~ !Jj ~1t$ fA ~ ~ !Jj ~*ffil M f»JiEJ)t -.f;t: tnJt9:;iR M fpJJ}Z r.r. M M~~ !JJ ~~* !JJ t1~~~ .!1J t~ §;n ~ ttM~ !JJ ~fE; jt !}J ~7:d'~~ !JJ *1¥,~ :!f.l ~Hlft~ M f~:1G~ 9! t*w.I~ M¥.r.,~;!; M ~fE~ M ~~f{i :!1! Jlj fMli !Jj .mJm~ !J} * T ~ *»J;fi!~ ~ t.iJJ ~ !Ii 'M±l!fJ .JJ 1iJl5lft( JJ "Nl~~ J.l 1iJl:!mat !JJ ~)(OO !JJ itB16' M ~'ifV- M ~~fl 93 JfJr :(£ if!. 1ft il9~~*,+j!Ji~t1E ~Wf~~ fI])II*~mj!* 1Jt1tI/~ ~ [fij!* *~t!iiPm:*~m!E* ~tJJt*~m!E* ~j!Ji!fit4tl1i11r "~m!1ilim:~I;'£ jW!1ili1i!~~m!i1!~ ~tJiOJiJi1l1'*~Bi !t!~ iI.1!!i**lJi!1!~ $r!!1fJ1i!~ Y1 ~ rp r~.A. ~jc~:.fE!E~ Iffi~ ·ifj.~J!,1VfJlJ~ ~tJX*~j:Di£;;~ E€~t*q.:m~~ ~-prm:t.t~fVJ: ~1Jj:£ W1t.I.W ~ &*.q.: JJj ,It ~ jrT;C~'?FJj:E* ji~f~*~m!~* ~ JEf ~ ~~± ~ ~~F;t: ~ ~ Bf11fF:11~1'~ it;"!'!"JiiIim:*-.~.: lfj -*~ V§~i::k'j: 11£~t1Jj!E liJf~* ~rJ{iit~&[q .:[t,ic!fum P>JF.tii-}c"': ~kJi !E ?iJf~~ I.1!f :i~l -j( '/!-fq ~t~i! fJf ~ ~ rp:i~;)~:l!-it: !l~ fr~ ~~~ 1m Ii1[11*~~: Ri ~i? ~:iJ~::ffiJiii'£~} wtJE!E~ P'klffiJlilf flU,:?f;}Jj5t' !{.. -J:·'·~Ir.ft""""·I"'·~[!l~ h;J)t~11' il~.~ ; "Jr.})) XfA rp1~~-i5 M) ii!J m!liJi :f~: )\:~:IE .".E !\ 43 l_~ ~ ~iiligsl( ll!J jif J£1m I JHliJft~a E'1;t:f£-* ~t ){ ~iffigg~ ImJlrm:~ 1~~~~ iN ffit ~t Jk iIJl..CjTiJ ~ m 1I!i ~[tj$m ~t ~ ~.kWI!!§"!Ji IT'Tikm Wl~t;;:~~& r- .~- ",: /'T. irJ;J~ij ':';:;Tn 7l!itffl'! I I ...t r;1j , PkIT.l1~ I ...t M i I t.t:H-I :'-':-f>a I ,.~ ?hJ ~Lfi I ,-'-1[. ,," /'. 10j-Iu.U. l-G ~~illi1t ImJllwDt: ~t Jir ffi'M7f;l;t -- - ~~ti !JJ JJ(i1* 1IiI!mn 14SJt3'§ * rl.t JK*~~ m~~ JlJ*mm iE./Illm !Jj W:i**~m~* u.W:l¥j:ij( J9l.t-;~~ ='l I ~i'_H~')c~~JM~.M ~ ~l!STl§:li: 13Ufi:1.t !JJ j1.If~t*~ro~ffi ~jl§iili:!'( Sf. ~lif !J3 1ft OOt±~#~ st~~iif~m ~t :ij( iff fFl ~J'{;-W #j fl(81*~Bi~~ Mia4&*~ ~~* 9J 1fa*!TiIi~*~Bi~~ J: 1fiJ ~l1::Jt !JJ j[1!.* J: ~ iii fFl ~m~ :!Jj J!!i;it *~lJj .!it! ~ ~i!§"j!j* $IF?-~ YJ ~mt±~;H...


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