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DIRECTORY Christopher I. BECKWITH Department of Uralic & Altaic Studies 157 Goodbody Hall Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Uralic and Altaic Studies, Indiana University. Articles: " The Introduction of Greek Medicine into Tibet in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries," JAOS, 99(1979), 297-313. Papers: The Arab-Chinese Alliance against the Turgesh and Tibetans in the Early Eighth Century: Notes on the Imperial Rescripts Written by Chang Chiu-ling to T'ang Officials in Inner Asia, American Oriental Society, Austin, 1982. The Revolt of 755 in Tibet, Csoma de Koras Symosium , Velm-Vienna (Austria), 1981. Current Research: The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia, 608-866 A.D., a monograph giving extensive coverage to the r'ang Chinese in Central Asia. Edition and translation of the Old Tibetan texts from Tun-huang entitled The Prophecy of the Arhat from Khotan, and of the Chinese translation (from Tun-huang) entitled Shih-chia ~-ni ~-lai hsiang fa mieh chin chih chi, in collaboration with T. TAKEUCHI. Or. Evelyn Nagai-BERTHRONG East Asian Studies University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario CANADA Academic Title; Curatorial Coordinator, Silk Roads/ China Ships, Royal Ontario Museum. Dissertation: Iconographic Innovations in Kuchean Buddhist Art, University of California, 1977. Articles: "Shamanistic Mourning Rituals and the Otani Casket," Orientations, Feb. 1982, 32-45. Current Research: For the Royal Ontario Museum's first major travelling exhibition, Silk Roads/China Ships, research for the catalogue and a cartoon catalogue. The scope is c. 100-1900 A.D., thus includes T'ang trade and commerce. Raoul BIRNBAUM 10 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016 21 (Birnbaum, continued) Academic Title: Visiting Asst. Prof. of Asian Religions, Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University. Dissertation: The Lapis Lazuli Radiance Buddha, Master of Healing: A Study in Iconog. & Meaning, Columbia University, 1976. (published as The Healing Buddha). Books: The Healing Buddha, Boulder, Colo.: Shamghala, 1979. Studies on the Mysteries of Manjusri: A Group of East Asian Mandalas and their Traditional Symbolism , Boulder, Colo.: Society for the Study of Chinese Religions, Monograph II, forthcoming, Fall 1982. Articles: "Introduction to the Study of Tlang Buddhist Astrology: Research Notes on Primary Sources and Basic Principles," Society for the Study of Chinese Religions Bulletin 8 (Fall 1980). "Preliminary Notes on a Narrative Manuscript from Turfan," in Along the Ancient silk Routes: Central Asian Art from the Berlin Museums, New York: The Metropolitan Museum, 1982 (This appears in condensed form, to meet revised specifications for the volume). "Seeking Longevity in Chinese Buddhism: Longlife Deities and their Symbolism," in Myth and Symbol in Chinese Tradition (ed. John S. Major and Norman Girardot), forthcoming. Papers: Four Faces of Manjusri in Tlang China, American Academy of Religion, NYC, Dec., 1982. Visualization-Meditations for Healing in Chinese Buddhist Practices, AAS, Toronto, March 1981. The Wheel of Time and its Interpretations: As Astrological Diagram/Manuscript from East Asian Buddhism , AOS, San Francisco, April, 1980. Panels Chaired: New Perspectives on Deities in Chinese Religions, Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, to be held in New York City in December, 1982. Astrology in Traditional China, annual meeting of the American Oriental Society, held In San Francisco in April, 1980. Current Research: Stars, Planets, and the Cosmos in Chinese Buddhism (working title)--Concentrates on materials from the 8th-10th centuries. Deals with cosmology; Buddhist astrology and divination methods; stellar deities and other astral lords(including new visions of the cosmic functions of traditional Buddhas and bodhisattvas) and their symbolic depiction in Tlang and early Sung art; includes translations from relevant T'ang Buddhist treatises, scriptures, and ritual texts, and Heian and Kamakura commentaries. Richard Wainwright BODMAN Department of Russian & Chinese St. Olaf College Northfield, MN 55057 22 (Bodman, continued) Academic Title: Assistant Professor of Chinese Language and Literature, St. Olaf College. Dissertation: Poetics and Prosody in Early Mediaeval China: A Study and Translation of Kukai's Bunkyo hifuron, Cornell University. 1978. Articles: Review of Wong Yoon-wah, Ssu-k'u T'u: A Poetcritic of the T'ang, CLEAR, 3.2(July 1981), 266-267. Wang Cn'ang-ling entry forthcoming in William H. Nienhauser, Jr., ed., Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature (see under Nienhauser). Papers: Psychology and Satire in Ying-ying chuan, Midwest Branch of the American...


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