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Editorial Note Where could we begin but with the clouds which grace our cover? Purple not to indicate our preferred style of proset but to conform to the nobility of the "treasures" each issue will contain. In this number are readers are invited to vault through several. To begin with there is Elling O. Eide's decipherment of a ~-~-clef riddle which in turn suggests a new interpretation of an ancient treasure. The piece also provides the locus classicus for our cover. This is followed by a Membership Directory. The issue concludes with a section of News Notes and lists of activities on T'ang history in the People's Republic of China. This publication has had a relatively easy birth. It is a modest beginning (we cannot yet claim a silveri lining), but one which we hope will provide a good foundation (see Christopher Beckwith's piece) on which to build. To do so your continued interest and support are needed. I Timely payment of your annual dues is one way to express your interest. Submissions--for the time being limited to research notes, short papers, bibliographies, an~ news items--to T'ang Studies would also be supportivel And your comments and suggestions are needed and encouraged. This newsletter is intended as an informal means to bring the T'ang Scholarly Community into closer I communication and cooperation. It will appear at least once a year (the next number in December 1983). Althdugh there • • • I LS no style-sheet as yet, all manuscr1pts submLtted should follow the formal guidelines set forth in the MLA Handbook. Submissions should be clearly marked "for T'ang Studies" and may be sent to me at Van Rise Hall 1208, University of Wisconsint Madisont WI 53706, USA, or to the appropriate member of the editorial committee: Christopher Beckwith, Uralic and Altaict Goodbody Hallt Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405 (Central Asia and Tibet), Raoul Birnbaum, Asian Studiest Cornell University. Ithaca, N.Y. 14853 (Buddhism), or Paul W. Krollt Campus Box 279, Oriental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309 (literature and Taoism). I This issue has been supported by the Office 6f International Studies and Programs at the University of Wisconsin and has been put together with the capable technical assistance of Ms. Ann Marie Krentz and Mr. Sin-sing Kong. William H. Nienhauser, Jr. ...


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