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Margaret Ann Greaves, assistant professor of English at Skidmore College, has published articles on modern and contemporary American, Irish, and postcolonial poetry. Her book-in-progress, "Figures of the Universe: Astronomy and the Politics of Lyric in the American Century," explores connections between lyric and extraterrestrial space.

Daniel Lea is professor of contemporary literature at Oxford Brookes University. He is the author of Twenty-First Century Fiction: Contemporary British Voices (Manchester UP, 2016), Graham Swift (Manchester UP, 2005), and George Orwell: "Animal Farm" and "Nineteen Eighty-Four"―A Reader's Guide (Icon, 2001). He is editor of The Male Body in Medicine and Literature, co-edited by Andrew Mangham (Liverpool UP, 2018) and Posting the Male: Masculinities in Post-War and Contemporary Writing, co-edited by Berthold Schoene (Rodopi, 2003). He has published articles on twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature, contemporary British fiction, George Orwell, Graham Swift, literature and cancer, and authenticity in contemporary fiction. His book Liquid Modernity and the Literature of Authenticity is forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press.

Kasia Szymanska, Thomas Brown assistant professor in the school of languages, literatures, and cultural studies at Trinity College, Dublin, has published articles on multilingual writing, poetry in self-translation and pseudotranslation, and anglophone reception of East European literature. She is writing a monograph titled "Translation Multiples: From Global Culture to Post-Communist Democracy." Other work in progress includes studies of anglophone writing inspired by fantasized Cold War perceptions of Eastern Europe and translations of Olga Tokarczuk's work across different languages.

Amy E. Elkins, an assistant professor of English at Macalester College, has published articles on visual art and contemporary literature, feminist archival studies, and modernism. She is the recipient of an Edith and Richard French research fellowship from the Beinecke Library at Yale University and recently completed a monograph titled "Crafting Modernity: Remaking Feminist Time from Literary Modernism to the Multimedia Present."

Asha Rogers is lecturer in contemporary postcolonial literature at the University of Birmingham. She is the author of State Sponsored Literature: Britain and Cultural Diversity after 1945 (Oxford UP, 2020) and editor of The Global Histories of Books: Methods and Practices, co-edited by Elleke Boehmer, Rouven Kunstmann, and Priyasha Mukhopadhyay (Palgrave, 2017). She is currently researching the institutional conditions of the English language between 1930 and 1970 based on the activities of the British Council.

Deborah Mix, professor of English at Ball State University, is the author of "A Vocabulary of Thinking": Gertrude Stein and Contemporary North American [End Page 133] Women's Experimental Writing (U of Iowa P, 2007) and editor of Approaches to Teaching the Works of Gertrude Stein, co-edited by Logan Esdale (MLA, 2018). She has published articles on genealogies of innovative women's poetry, Gertrude Stein, Harryette Mullen, and Betina Judd. She is currently writing a book titled "Harryette Mullen's Ecopoetics" and editing a collection on Kathleen Fraser. [End Page 134]



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