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  • SAAP 2020 Conference Proceedings
  • David L. Hildebrand

This issue of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy's 2020 Proceedings includes papers given at the annual meeting in 2020 at the Hacienda Santa Clara in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. This was the first time that SAAP had ever held its annual meeting in Mexico, and it represents an important milestone for the Society. As immediate past president Gregory Pappas explains in his Address, "thanks to the efforts of many scholars and presidents, SAAP has come to recognize the important philosophical contributions of female, African American, Indigenous, and Latinx philosophers … [and, also] a certain way of doing inter-American philosophy … contrapunteo (counterpoint)." This contrapunteo, Pappas explains, is a way of juxtaposing philosophical traditions that not only illuminates contrasts but "rubs" them together. "I propose," Pap-pas writes, "that Pragmatism be part of a much needed and fruitful contrapunteo with Latin American philosophies committed to La Vida (lived experience) and radical democracy. The resonances and differences between these 'American' philosophical traditions can be the source of learning and insights to address contemporary problems." As participants of the conference will remember and readers will no doubt discover, Pappas's intention of organizing a contrapunteo are in full flower here.

There are two omissions from this publication, withdrawn at the request of the authors. Those papers include: The Ila and John Mellow Prize (Philip Yaure's "Rethinking Conservation for Inclusivity: An Indigenous Critique of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation"), and The Inter-American Prize (Mariana Alessandri and Alexander Stehn's "La Mexicana en la Chicana: The Mexican Sources of Anzaldúa's Inter-American Philosophy"). [End Page 149]

David L. Hildebrand
University of Colorado Denver


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