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  • Agent 9: Flood-a-Geddon! by James Burks
  • Kiri Palm
Burks, James Agent 9: Flood-a-Geddon!; written and illus. by James Burks. Razorbill, 2021 [192p]
Trade ed. ISBN 9780593202944 $18.99
Paper ed. ISBN 9780593202968 $12.99
E-book ed. ISBN 9780593202951 $8.99
Reviewed from digital galleys R Gr. 4–6

Super spy kittycat Agent 9 is the best agent in the Super-Secret Spy Service . . . or would be, if their rash decisions and penchant for destruction hadn’t put them on probation. After extensive training with their flying fish robot sidekick, FiN, Agent 9 has finally convinced O, the leader of S4, to give them another chance. Before [End Page 291] Agent 9 can embark on their next real mission, though, O and the rest of the S4 agents are captured by the nefarious King Crab. Now FiN and Agent 9 are the only ones standing between King Crab and his scheme to melt the polar ice caps, flooding the Earth so he can create a worldwide water park. The first of a new series of graphic novel adventures is sure to make readers gasp and giggle through Agent 9’s daring feats and impulsive mistakes. While escapes, explosions, and scribbly, jewel-toned digital art will no doubt draw in younger readers, Burks’ dry humor will also keep a more sophisticated crowd engaged and chuckling. There’s plenty of heart in this adventure, too, as FiN and O encourage 9 to slow down, think things through, and listen to good advice. FiN and 9’s friendship is sweet and loving, while King Crab and 9 seem to enjoy their frequent battles of wit. Readers will be sure to keep an eye out for 9’s next adventure, but they’ll definitely want to give this first romp a few rereads in the meantime.



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