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  • Victories Greater than Death by Charlie Jane Anders
  • April Spisak
Anders, Charlie Jane Victories Greater than Death. Tor Teen, 2021 [288p] (Unstoppable)
Trade ed. ISBN 9781250317315 $18.99
E-book ed. ISBN 9781250317308 $10.99
Reviewed from digital galleys R Gr. 8–10

Tina, a clone of a legendary alien commander, has been raised as an ordinary kid, all the while knowing that one day the intergalactic rescue beacon will activate and call her to her heroic destiny. When the call comes, Tina finds that expectations for her are immediately galaxy-saving high, despite her lack of experience, and the odds are against her. There’s something so pure and lovely in this superhero origin story that readers will likely already be ferociously hopeful about Tina growing into her own strengths (and not just trying to be whatever she was cloned to duplicate) even before her call comes and the cool space battles, endearingly diverse and memorable alien allies, and believable, carefully developed galactic love affairs get folded into the story. It’s a bit of a too-lucky series of events that lands a small group of brilliant teens on the spaceship along with Tina, but the reader then has several lenses through which to view this unfamiliar and massive universe to add to Tina’s unclear understanding of where she as human(ish) ends and the commander begins. There is a memorably complex villain whose cruelty is a startling contrast to the overall inclusivity of this welcoming cosmos of careful interactions that don’t assume gender, abilities, or preferences. End matter including a glossary of terms will help readers orient quickly to this well-built universe. [End Page 289]



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