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  • Which of the Following Statements is True?
  • Seo-Young Chu
  1. (A) Someone says, "I am lying right now."

  2. (B) Someone says, "Rape me."

  3. (C) Someone says, "I never consented to this alien experiment called 'existence.'"

  4. (D) Someone says, "No means yes."

  5. (E) Someone says, "At least you didn't die."

  6. (F) Someone says, "Why can't you just get over it?"

  7. (G) Someone says, "What you went through is a first-world problem."

  8. (H) Someone says, "What about the Earth and climate change? You have to put rape in perspective."

  9. (I) Someone says, "But you seem okay."

  10. (J) Someone says, "I can't believe how widespread this problem is."

  11. (K) Someone says, "Let me rape you."

  12. (L) Someone says, "Let go."

  13. (M) Someone says, "Am I the only one who can hear all of these voices."

—Seo-Young Chu, "WOVEN: A Refuge for Jae-in Doe: Fugues in the Key of English Major" [End Page 113]


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