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Facets of Daoism

Zoom Lecture Series, March-April 2021

Ken Cohen 高漢 will present a series of zoom lectures, honoring the legacy of his teacher, the Longmen abbot Huang Gengshi (1910-1999), on Sundays, 4-6 pm (Pacific Time). March 21, "The Way of Qigong: Daoist Roots, Scientific Branches" will trace the development of Daoyin/Qigong from its Shamanic and Daoist roots to its recent integration into health care.

March 28, "The Dao of Diet" An East-West perspective on the value of Daoist dietetics, including rational reasons for grain avoidance, how to adjust diet to season and personal health needs, the therapeutic effects of specific foods, and the use of adaptogens as "immortality" foods.

April 11, "Why Daoist Immortals Drink Tea" An informative and entertaining look at the culture and healing benefits of the Art of Tea and the transformative powers of aroma and taste.

April 18, "Daoist Feng Shui" Unlike the formulistic, Luopan based schools of Feng Shui, Dr. Huang Gengshi emphasized combining principles of direction, forms, and shapes with an intuitive sense of the qi of the site cultivated through meditation. For registration and further information, please contact Ken Cohen at

German Qigong Classes

Courses and Seminars

The German Qigong Association, Medizinische Gesellschaft für Qigong-Yangsheng, offers ongoing courses in different forms of Daoist cultivation, notably the Eight Brocades, the Five Animal Frolics, Standing like a Pine Tree, and more. For the first few months of 2021, all events are held online, but the goal is to revert to in-person training as soon as possible. For more information, please see [End Page 263]

Qigong with Master Wu Zhongxian

Besides weekly Saturday classes that are donation based and focus on traditional qigong cultivation, Master Wu, a lifelong Daoist practitioner and lineage holder, offers seasonal courses focusing on Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong to enhance power, life energy, transformation, and freedom in the spring; Xinyi Bagua Internal Alchemy to deepen the heart and intention through activating the eight trigrams in the summer; Shamanic Tiger Talisman Qigong to support the respiratory system, vital breath of Dao, and the spirit of the west in the fall; and Chinese Shamanic Orbit Qigong to recharge the life force and deepen inner transformation in the winter. A yet different paid series, offered variously, is Tidal Hexagram Internal Alchemy, working closely with the twelve earthly branches and the twelve key Yijing hexagrams. A five-day retreat, scheduled for mid-October, is to be held in person in France. Called the JingDao Program, it guides participants to explore time-honored practices that promote harmony of the three treasures within (body, qi, spirit) and without (family, community, environment). For more details, visit

Ordination Training

Meetings and Retreat

The American Dragon Gate Lineage (ADGL), a non-monastic order of Daoist practitioner-priests celebrated thirteen years of history during its last annual retreat in 2019. Unfortunately, because of the coronavirus, it could not hold an annual retreat in 2020. Its mission is to promote selfcultivation and to the spreading of the Daoist view. The ADGL was founded in 2006 by shifu Michael Rinaldini (Lichangdao), a 22nd generation Longmen Daoist Priest. Presently, the lineage consists of eleven ordained priests and nine in training. The non-residential training process begins with a nine-month novice phase, and then a thousand-day training program of retreats, studies in Daoist history, and extensive practices in meditation, scripture reciting, qigong, and more. Interested candidates are welcome to contact us at [End Page 264]

Lo Shu: The Art of Birth-Chart Interpretation

Online, 19-21 March, 2021

Taught by expert master Cosima Scheuten, founder and president of Garden of Chi, this three-day certification course explores ways traditional masters used the magical chart of the Luoshu to calculate fate and improve personal cultivation. The class comes with a handbook in English and is taught live over Zoom in both English and Dutch. For details, see

Tribute to Peace: The Sound of the Peace Bell

Hong Kong, Fuzi Chamber, April 10, 2021

Daoist and various other religious groups join together to pray for world...


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