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The research cluster called Asian Religious Connection (ASIAR), part of the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, under the guidance of David Palmer, has started a new newsletter on "Asian Religions Connections." It aims to present in-depth stories and insights about the religious and spiritual fabric of today's Asia. So far, the first issues include: 1 (Nov. 26): Introducing BRINFAITH—A Warm Welcome from Prof. David A. Palmer; 2 (Dec. 9): The New Age Fever in China // Asian Religion as Method; 3 (Dec. 22): Recorded Lectures on "Islamic Belonging to Chinese Society" and "China's Belt and Road Initiative in Nepal." There is no charge for subscriptions. For more information, go to or contact [End Page 257]

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Daoist Monk Yun Rou, celebrated author and senior Taiji master, is publishing a twice monthly newsletter. Typically consisting of about 2500 words, it includes sections on politics in Asia, developments in the natural world, scientific breakthroughs, recommended reading and viewing, and news and information about the Asian martial arts. Subscriptions are $12 per month. For more details, visit

Three Pines Press

Three Pines Press, the Western voice of Daoism, issues a monthly newsletter featuring not only new publications and specials, but also information on upcoming scholarly conferences and Daoist-related events. To find out more, contact



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