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  • Victorian studies: Index to Volume 62 (2019–2020)

Authors of Essays, Review Essays, Critical Responses, Review Fora, and Book Reviews

Allison, Mark. Review: Waithe, and White, eds., The Labour of Literature in Britain and France, 1830–1910: Authorial Work Ethics, 142–44.

Armstrong, Isobel. Review: Rudy, Imagined Homelands: British Poetry in the Colonies, 161–63.

Aslami, Zarena. Essay: “Buffer Zones: Notes on Afghanistan, Race, and Empire,” 433–45.

Aslami, Zarena. Essay: “Victorian Afghanistan, the Iron Amir, and the Poetics of Marginal Sovereignty,” 35–60.

Bilston, Sarah. Review: Leckie, Open Houses: Poverty, the Novel, and the Architectural Idea in Nineteenth-Century Britain; Hofer-Robinson, Dickens and Demolition: Literary Afterlives and Mid-Nineteenth-Century Urban Development, 346–51.

Booth, Alison. Review: Underwood, Distant Horizons: Digital Evidence and Literary Change, 547–50.

Browne, Janet. Review: Barton, The X Club: Power and Authority in Victorian Science, 486–87.

Buckland, Adelene. Review: Sera-Shriar, Historicizing Humans: Deep Time, Evolution, and Race in Nineteenth-Century British Sciences, 496–98.

Campbell, Kate. Review: Hutchinson, Settlers, War, and Empire in the Press: Unsettling News in Australia and Britain, 1863– 1902; Waters, Special Correspondence and the Newspaper Press in Victorian Print Culture, 1850–1886, 697–700.

Carlisle, Clare. Essay: “George Eliot and Spinoza: Philosophical Formations,” 590–615.

Chatterjee, Ronjaunee, Alicia Mireles Christoff, and Amy R. Wong. Essay: “Introduction: Undisciplining Victorian Studies,” 369–91.

Chernock, Arianne. Review: Vandrei, Queen Boudica and Historical Culture in Britain: An Image of Truth, 324–26.

Ciolkowski, Laura E. Review: Vaclavik, Fashioning Alice: The Career of Lewis Carroll’s Icon, 1860–1901; Marks, Alice in Pornoland: Hardcore Encounters with the Victorian Gothic, 522–25.

Courtemanche, Eleanor. Review: Holub, Nietzsche in the Nineteenth Century: Social Questions and Philosophical Interventions, 338–40.

Crowell, Ellen. Review: Davis, and Dierkes-Thrun, eds., Wilde’s Other Worlds, 351–53.

de Nie, Michael. Review: Kelly, ed., The Cambridge History of Ireland: Volume III, 1730–1880, 510–12.

Denisoff, Dennis. Review: Bizzotto, and Evangelista, Arthur Symons: Poet, Critic, Vagabond, 686–88.

Dennis, Richard. Review: Laragy, and Purdue, and Wright, eds., Urban Spaces in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, 680–83.

Ferguson, Christine. Review: McCormick, and Mitchell, and Soares, eds., The Female Fantastic: Gendering the Supernatural in the 1890s and 1920s, 133–36.

Ferguson, Christopher. Review: Cannadine, Victorious Century: The United Kingdom, 1800–1906, 328–30. [End Page 720]

Ferguson, Christopher. Review: Carver, Alternate Histories and Nineteenth-Century Literature: Untimely Meditations in Britain, 688–90.

Finkelstein, David. Review: Claes, The Late-Victorian Little Magazine, 145–46.

Fong, Ryan D. Essay: “The Stories Outside the African Farm: Indigeneity, Orality, and Unsettling the Victorian,” 421–32.

Forman, Ross G. Review: Barnard, Nature’s Colony: Empire, Nation, and Environment in the Singapore Botanic Gardens; Berkowitz, and Lightman, eds., Science Museums in Transition: Cultures of Display in Nineteenth-Century Britain and America, 702–05.

Franklin, Jonathan. Essay: “Disability Panic: The Making of the Normal School Teacher,” 644–67.

Gilbert, Pam. Review: Howell, Malaria and Victorian Fictions of Empire; Roy, Malarial Subjects: Empire, Medicine and Nonhumans in British India, 1820–1909, 705–08.

Goggin, Maureen. Review: King, The Wardle Family and Its Circle: Textile Production in the Arts and Crafts Era, 676–78.

Goldhill, Simon. Review: Stray, Classics in Britain: Scholarship, Education, and Publishing, 1800–2000, 333–34.

Goodman, Lesley. Essay: “‘No, Thank You’: Polite Anger from Christina Rossetti to Christine Blasey Ford,” 182–87.

Gregory, Melissa Valiska, and Emily Harrington. Essay: “Angry Women and the Dramatic Monologue,” 178–81.

Gregory, Melissa Valiska. Essay: “Race and the Dramatic Monologue,” 213–18.

Griffiths, Andrew. Review: Auerbach, Imperial Boredom: Monotony and the British Empire, 506–07.

Hackenberg, Sara. Review: Rooney, Railway Reading and Late-Victorian Literary Series, 146–48.

Hanlon, Christopher. Review: O’Connor, American Sectionalism in the British Mind, 1832–1863, 123–25.

Harrington, Emily. Essay: “‘A Merciful Fury Sent to Save Me’: Amy Levy’s ‘Xantippe’ and Women’s Conversations,” 188–93.

Helmreich, Anne. Essay: “Genre and the Problems of Description and Visuality,” 225–29.

Helsinger, Elizabeth. Review: Owens, and Tromans, eds., Christina Rossetti: Poetry in Art, 344–46.

Herringer, Carol. Review: Bennett, God & Progress: Religion & History in British Intellectual Culture, 1845–1914; Knight, Good Words: Evangelicalism and the Victorian Novel; King, and Werner, eds., Constructing Nineteenth-Century Religion: Literary...


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