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  • Sixty Years of Scholarship
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Reflecting on Technology and Culture's legacy and its early commitment to social engagement, we searched for ways to introduce what the journal has on offer to new audiences. Many readers appreciate "Classics Revisted" to help contextualize the old classics in a new way. The journal's archives offer much more: hidden gems, forgotten pieces that were ahead of their time, and articles that just deserve a second look. Here, articles that appeared earlier in this journal pages will be re-read with a contemporary research theme in mind. In this way, the new feature will serve as rich addition to our scholarship. "Archives Revisted" also counters the effects of searching using databases, which help retrieve a single article quickly but do not provide any context.

In this issue, mobility historian Peter Norton, author of the classic study Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City (MIT Press, 2008), revisits the articles in Technology and Culture's archives that contributed to a new field of inquiry in the history of technology: mobility studies. The visit helps us remember what we already know, ponder why we didn't follow certain paths, and better articulate new contributions to Technology and Culture that ensure that it will remain a focal point for the intellectual development of the history of technology. [End Page 1196]



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