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  • Index to American Quarterly Volume 72.4 March 2020 to December 2020
Abramowitz, Sophie, "Trained and Taught This Song by Zora Hurston": Dramatic Ethnography and Zora Neale Hurston's The Great Day 881
Ackermans, Hannah, How an Academic Companion Website Makes Media-Specific Arguments (Digital Project Review) 1011
Aguilar-San Juan, Karín, Purple, Black, and White: Querying Prince's Minnesota Roots (Event Review) 221
Ansfield, Bench, The Broken Windows of the Bronx: Putting the Theory in Its Place 103
Attebery, Stina, Oil, Water, Lightning: Indigenous Posthumanism and Energy Futures in Elizabeth La Pensée's Thunderbird Strike 697
Attewell, Wesley, The Lifelines of Empire: Logistics as Infrastructural Power in Occupied South Vietnam 909
Badia, Lynn, The Nation as Energy: Imagining Society through Energy Intensity 771
Balthaser, Benjamin, When Anti-Zionism Was Jewish: Jewish Racial Subjectivity and the Anti-Imperialist Literary Left from the Great Depression to the Cold War 449
Bardes, John, The Notorious Bras Coupé: A Slave Rebellion Replayed in Memory, History, and Anxiety 1
Barnard, John Levi, The Bison and the Cow: Food, Empire, Extinction 377
Cheng, Emily, The Vietnam War and Chicano/a Environmentalism in El Grito del Norte (1968–73) 55
Clunis, Sarah Anita, Rites of Passage and Radical Departures (Event Review) 519
Crane, Jacob, Reading American Secularism in the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli 403
Crawford-Holland, Sasha, The Politics of Participation in Documentary (Book Review) 1021
Day, Iyko, Racial Capitalism, Colonialism, and Death-Dealing Abstracti on (Book Review) 1033
Dollman, Melissa, Richard Pryor's Peoria: Footnotes and Fandom (Digital Project Review) 257
Erakat, Noura, Geographies of Intimacy: Contemporary Renewals of Black–Palestinian Solidarity 471
Erakat, Noura, Outsiders at Home 343
Fiori, Nicholas, Plantation Energy: From Slave Labor to Machine Discipline 559
Geidel, Molly, Petrodocumentary and the Remaking of New Deal Culture 797
Gordon, Walter, International Powers: Energy and Progress in Dark Princess and Black Empire 581
Heynen, Nik and Nikki Luke, Community Solar as Energy Reparations: Abolishing Petro-Racial Capitalism in New Orleans 603
Hines, Andy, The University Fix and John Edgar Wideman's Philadelphia Fire 129
Hoxworth, Kellen, Football Fantasies: Neoliberal Habitus, Racial Governmentality, and National Spectacle 155
Hunt, Chloe, "The Blackness We Leave Behind …": Speculative Approaches to Time and Space in Black Critical Theory (Book Review) 507
Hunt, Irvin J., Planned Failure: George Schuyler, Ella Baker, and the Young Negroes' Cooperative League 853
Hunziker, Alyssa A., Playing Indian, Playing Filipino: Native American and Filipino Interactions at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School 423
Iralu, Elspeth, On Violence, Seen Remotely (Book Review) 1047
Kaell, Hillary, The Holy Childhood Association on Earth and in Heaven: Catholic Globalism in Nineteenth-Century America 827
Kahle, Trish, The Front Lines of Energy Policy: The Coal Mining Workplace and the Politics of Security in the American Century 627
Kim, Jina B., Disability in an Age of Fascism (Book Review) 265
Kurashige, Scott, "Unruly Subjects": American Studies from Antidiscipline to Revolutionary Praxis (ASA Presidential Address) 307
Lockhart, Isabel, Intimacies of the Atom: On Rocks and Decolonization in the Work of Leslie Marmon Silko 675
Marez, Curtis, The Future in the Present, or When Cages Crumble 337
Mason, Ngahiraka, Contemporary Art in Honolulu in the Spring of 2019 (Event Review) 233
McMaster, James, Revolting Self-Care: Mark Aguhar's Virtual Separatism 181
Meldon, Perri, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park (Event Review) 979
Pierce, Lori and Kaily Heitz, Say Their Names (Event Review) 961
Quiray Tagle, Thea, Becoming Abstract Together: Opacity's Ethical Intervention (Event Review) 993
Ramírez, J. Jesse, Race and Robots (Book Review) 291
Rault, Jasmine, Window Walls and Other Tricks of Transparency: Digital, Colonial, and Architectural Modernity 937
Retman, Sonnet, Memphis Minnie's "Scientific Sound": Afro-Sonic Modernity and the Jukebox Era of the Blues 75
Rivers, Daniel Lanza, Grizzly Country: Settler Worlding and the Politics of Species on the California Frontier 351
Rose, Kevin Stewart, Lotuses in Muddy Water: Fracked Gas and the Hare Krishnas at New Vrindaban, West Virginia 749
Ryerson, Sylvia, Precarious Politics: Friends of Coal, the UMWA, and the Affective Terrain of Energy Identification 719
Suarez, Harrod, Midterm Evaluations, Swing State Aesthetics (Event Review) 207
Sweeney, Shauna J., Black Women in Slavery and Freedom: Gendering the History of Racial Capitalism (Book Review) 277...


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