Pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders can cause morbidity and mortality. Low-dose aspirin (LDA) reduces risk. This paper aims to assess Medicaid beneficiaries' risk factors for preeclampsia and their providers' clinical use of LDA in the federal Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns II initiative. Twenty-seven awardees with more than 200 care sites served almost 46,000 women. This mixed-methods analysis assesses rates of risks, incidence of pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders, and assessment of care teams' LDA knowledge and reported prescription practices. Many Strong Start participants had risk factors that merited LDA, but most practices reported inconsistent or non-existent prescribing. Use varied within the three care models and among all provider types. Ancillary care team members often had no knowledge of LDA's benefits, resulting in lost opportunities for educating patients and assessing adherence to LDA use. Clear policies and well-integrated care teams could increase evidence-based use, improve pregnancy outcomes, and promote women's lifelong cardiovascular health.


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