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And though I say here sorrow beguiles me  I lose no sleep;and though I say our country’s journey is one long rigmarole  its villages and ridges are succulent and sweet;and though I say here “Watch me now! Watch me!”  truly I’m shy as stage curtains, demure as tiny cups of espresso;and though I quote Wordsworth, Zagajewski, and Dao  I come from gunshots and beatdowns, raw and dirty:  The day was mild, the light was generous;and though I’ve said in the past: I wear / September on my face, /  which is eternal, I treasure, too, June mornings soaked  in song, July’s fevered cauldron wilting us like seared spinach;and though we say darkness succumbs to the light,  I’ve been reading Faust, questioning the morality  of knowledge: our icebergs and mountains  auctioned, earth collapsing, human flesh for money,  crickets barking loud as generals;and though we say I do unto I do death do on cue,  I’ll forever hold her, a jewelry box in my lap  full of prayers and stays against confusion;and though they say world without religions,  without revelations, instinct effaced by reason,  I swear I can reach up and touch your laughter. [End Page 615]

Major Jackson

Major Jackson is the author of five books of poetry, including The Absurd Man (2020), Roll Deep (2015), Holding Company (2010), Hoops (2006), and Leaving Saturn (2002). He serves as the poetry editor of the Harvard Review.



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