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  • Blackamoor
  • Amanda Holiday (bio)

Ya check mi look horty intit? Not even the Kent Mykull Princessknowwhatiknow See me I’m man but thi ras jewellery designer dem putlipstick onmi! Yam still lipperty feistywordspout, spititout troot andforbearance, and Ioveit there clipped upon some lapel or her chokeupon  ribbon

wi di pearl earring curl behind di gold tresses o di diayaman choker o di teaara and jus lookatmi lookathis feathery headriff wit emaral anna purpulstone inlay an abasinth an cobalt glass, an ma hard face look nuh? peepitall the witey royalty dem picking about on high heel poshering

click clark hoity airy larking about and yarn. And now Meghan come dislittle mixed black and white picni marryin Harry an dem now all freakinglocked me up inna jewellery box wid a key straight away told me I waspersona brooch non grata, now down to her, my blackamoor face mocksher they say! Jeez and peas whonoknowgoknow ayes a piece of history juslike we all are. Nosay? [End Page 38]

Amanda Holiday

Amanda Holiday’s first chapbook The Art Poems, inspired by works of contemporary art, was published in New-Generation African Poets: Tano (Akashic Books). Her text “A posthumous conversation about Black Art” was recently published in the inaugural edition of arts and visual culture journal Critical Fish. She is currently completing the ma in creative writing at uea.