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On p. 784 of Daniel Everett and Edward Gibson’s review article in the December 2019 issue of Language (RA on Recursion across domains, ed. by Luiz Amaral et al.; Language 95(4).777–90, 2019), they say: ‘But examples like 9 and 10, with overt subjects in the second clause (Everett 1983, 2016) (and which demonstrate the repetitive style favored by the Pirahãs), are also perfectly acceptable in Pirahã’. The phrasing here could be interpreted as indicating that the examples in 9 and 10 come from Everett 1983 (A lingua Pirahã e a teoria da sintaxe, Universidade Estadual de Campinas dissertation) and/or Everett 2016 (Dark matter of the mind: The culturally articulated unconscious, University of Chicago Press). This was not the intended reading. The reference to Everett 1983 and 2016 was intended to refer to the general issue of Pirahã sentences having overt subjects. E&G confirmed that the examples in 9 and 10 are based on examples from E’s unpublished data books, and that the intention of these examples is to indicate that there are no control structures in Pirahã. See Everett 1983:34ff. on the lack of attested evidence for interclausal control. [End Page 223]



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