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  • The Art of Saving the World by Corinne Duyvis
  • April Spisak

Duyvis, Corinne The Art of Saving the World. Amulet, 2020 [400p] Trade ed. ISBN 9781419736872 $18.99 Reviewed from digital galleys R Gr. 6-9

If one Hazel can save the world by sticking close to an inter-dimensional rift (which responds to her presence by remaining relatively small and non-world-ending), then multiple Hazels should be even better, right? All is relatively calm until Hazel turns sixteen and the rift stops behaving in predictable ways. Suddenly, parallel universe Hazels start getting yanked from their worlds and tossed into this one, a cryptic dragon may be their only ally against an equally close-mouthed government agency, and murderous trolls appear that can merge into giant, even more murderous trolls. Duyvis capably balances a zippy sci-fi plot that barrels along at a breathless pace with an intriguing look at how one girl in five different worlds could be both the same and different; Hazel multiplied is Hazel and un-Hazel in satisfying, thoughtprovoking ways. In all iterations, she seems inclined to romantic asexuality and being braver than she thinks, but the forms of self-expression, varied family structures, and different environmental influences have all combined to produce five strikingly distinct snapshots of the same DNA. None of these memorable Hazels are content to be pawns in some centuries old game, and readers will desperately hope that all Hazels will survive a situation that cruelly seems to demand a sacrifice of a Hazel to close the rift. [End Page 470]



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