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  • Unsonnet, and: Doubled, Briefly
  • Lesley Wheeler


When color comes back to the world,leaving gets near. By the roadside, auburnand cream cows chew spangled green.Creeks steam. A lone bull’s horns goremy heart. Judas trees in flower blur.Scintillant mist unveils an omenof mountains. Rows of trees divideeach pasture, branches spread wide,because they never needed to competefor light. Please, fog, roll back overmy life. Shrink, leaves, to your oldsites inside secret wood. May days be shortand expeditions brief. No spring. No grief. [End Page 102]

Doubled, Briefly

Finally, I consider whetherI have been a terrible mother.A squirrel limps by, too wiltedfor chatter. I might just be.

I would wake early, Saturdays,worried for one or the other—decibel of fever-cry, a swellof friendless misery—

because I’d been too tiredall week to register troubleor fix what was mendable.Crow-feather; slant pine tree.

Mirror of lapses; hot spell simmers.This love is hardly bearable. [End Page 103]



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