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  • Snap Beans
  • Len Lawson (bio)

Scrooge McDuck fingersswim through green gemsin a Tupperware pool

Young, mannish handscrave a decadencethey don't understand

Husky, plump stems releasetheir essence into my bowland I play with delight

find them, lose themand find themagain in my palms

Riches don't just buyfreedom in this bowlEmerald waves gather here

ebbing and flowing likegarden-grown waterfallsmuch more fulfilling than

aching my thumbsunzipping the stemsrescuing the beans

My fingers forget they're tired—Mama says, Shuck dem beanswit your thumbs, boy

Unknown somebodies ached their fingerstheir backs, their glistening browsto secure the stimulus for my elation

Stalks in my bowlmust be relievedby my thuggish hands [End Page 143]

Len Lawson

Len Lawson is the author of Chime (Get Fresh, 2019). He is a PhD candidate in English literature and criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.



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