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  • Survivors of the Mass Extinction
  • Nick Fuller Googins (bio)


If you applied for permits from the Bureau of Land Managementand went back 100 million years agoto the spot you're standing on now,and camped for a month without runningwater or electricity,and began digging,and found an egg with a bumpy textured patch,and realized that eggs and eggshells like this lay all around,and baby dinosaurs hatched,and grew,and grew quickly,and walked upright,and walked on tiptoes,and sported their own distinctive arrangements of horns, crests,and frills,and hunted for food,and roamed in herds,and were strong swimmers,and had different lifestyles,and cared,and suffered,and fled from danger,and faced life's challenges,and sought mates,and built nests and brooded their eggs,and gave birth,and cared for their young,and protected them,and changed with age,and reached high,and flourished,and shared their world,and evolved to excel,and a giant asteroid hit the Earth, [End Page 252] and everything changed,and continents drifted,and mammals evolved,and humans appeared,could you study dinosaurs?

Could you bring these animals to life? [End Page 253]

Nick Fuller Googins

NICK FULLER GOOGINS's writing has appeared in The Paris Review, The Southern Review, Ecotone, ZYZZYVA, All Things Considered, and elsewhere. He is a graduate of the Rutgers-Newark MFA program and recipient of a fellowship at the Hawthornden Castle International Retreat for Writers, which is definitely not haunted.



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