Drawing on comics studies, disability studies, and old and new media theory, this essay argues that we are in a new age of comic books, not Golden, Silver, Bronze, or Modern, but Blue. The Blue Age is set apart from earlier ages by three new media phenomena: digital readers, guided reading technologies, and social media. Platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are used by industry professionals and readers alike. Guided reading technologies like comiXology's Guided View make digital comics more accessible to more readers. Because Blue Age comics are digital, made with or mediated through new media technology, Blue Age readers are digital readers whether they read comics in print or on screens. Blue Age superheroes like Kamala Khan and Miles Morales represent people of marginalized identities. However, the Blue Age is not limited to the superhero genre or the comic book form. It is an age of contemporary comics. "The Blue Age of Comic Books" is a theoretical framework for contemporary comics studies.