This essay demonstrates a methodology for engaging in María Lugones's "world"-travelling: reflexive storytelling in building Women of Color friendships. Beginning with Lugones's articulation of "world"-travelling, the authors use vignettes from their own friendships in academia to reflect on how "world"-travelling intersects with decolonial feminism in theory and practice. Taking inspiration from the stories of Women of Color, which Lugones herself includes in her work, the authors juxtapose Lugones's words with experiential vignettes. Beginning with reflections and meanings of home, the authors forward a reflexive method of analysis through the form of writing. In analyzing "world"-travelling through playfulness, hanging out, invitation, teasing, and its opposite, agonistic play, the authors build new understandings of how to approach travel and knowledge production. Bridging the social sciences and humanities, the authors' collective writing also suggests friendship as a pathway to decolonial feminist coalition building in academia, a world that has historically been alienating to Women of Color.


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