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Beethoven's Conversation Books, Vol. 2: Nos. 9–16. Ed. and trans. by Theodore Albrecht. (Boydell Press, Woodbridge and Rochester, NY, 2019. £45. ISBN 978-1-78327-151-1.)
Operatic Geographies: The Place of Opera and the Opera House. Ed. by Suzanne Aspden. Pp. vi + 321. (University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 2019. $35. ISBN 978-0-226-59601-3.)
Guide to the Contemporary Harp. By Mathilde Aubat-Andrieu, Laurence Bancaud, Aurélie Barbé, and Hélène Breschand. Pp. xiii + 202. (Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indiana, 2019. £24.99. ISBN 978-0-253-03938-5.)
Charleston Belles Abroad: The Music Collections of Harriet Lowndes, Henrietta Aiken, and Louisa Rebecca McCord. By Candace Bailey. Pp. xiv + 299. (The University of South Carolina Press, Columbia, SC, 2019. $59.99. ISBN 978-1-61117-956-9.)
Critical Lives: Arnold Schoenberg. By Mark Berry. Pp. 240. Critical Lives. Reaktion Books, London, 2019. £11.99. ISBN 978-1-78914-087-3.)
Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune. By Gurminder Kaur Bhogal. Pp. xiv + 148. Oxford Keynotes. (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2018. £9.99. ISBN 978-0-19-069607-8.)
Adapting the Wizard of Oz: Musical Versions from Baum to MGM and Beyond. Ed. by Danielle Birkett and Dominic McHugh. Pp. ix + 257. (Oxford University Press, NewYork and Oxford, 2019. £28.99. ISBN 978-0-19-066318-6.)
Memoires d'Hector Berlioz de 1803 aa 1865, et ses voyages en Italie. en Allemagne, en Russie et en Angleterre: Ecrits par luimême. Ed. by Peter Bloom. Pp. 911. MusicologieS. (Vrin, Paris, 2019. €49. ISBN 978-2-7116-2865-0.)
Making Music American: 1917 and the Transformation of Culture. By E. Douglas Bomberger. Pp. xv + 268. (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2018. £19.99. ISBN 978-0-19-087231-1.)
The Repertory of Processional Antiphons. By Clyde W Brockett. Pp. liv + 774. De Musicae Cultu I. (Brepols Publishers n.v., Turnhout, 2018. €135. ISBN 978-2-503-57452-3.)
Theories of the Soundtrack. By James Buhler. Pp. xiv + 318. Oxford Music/Media Series. (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2019. £22.99. ISBN 978-0-19-937108-2.)
Musical Salon Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century. Ed. by Anja Bunzel and Natasha Loges. Pp. xviii + 284. (Boydell Press, Woodbridge and Rochester, NY, 2019. £65. ISBN 978-1-78327-390-4.)
Music and Theology in the European Reformations. Ed. by David J. Burn, Grantley McDonald, Joseph Verheyden, and Peter De Mey. Pp. 500. Èpitome Musical. (Brepols Publishers n.v., Turnhout, 2019. €100. ISBN 978-2-503-58226-9.)
The Recordings of Andy Kirk and his Clouds of Joy. By George Burrows. Pp. xiii +254. Oxford Studies in Recorded Jazz. (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2019. £14.99. ISBN 978-0-19-933559-6.)
Music, Myth and Story in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. Ed. by Katherine Butler and Samantha Bassler. Pp. xiv + 320. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music. (Boydell Press, Woodbridge and Rochester, NY, 2019. £60. ISBN 978-1-78327-371-3.)
Mahalia Jackson and the Black Gospel Field. By Mark Burford. Pp. xv + 472. (Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2019. £45. ISBN 978-0-19-063490-2.)
El hombre del rincón: José Subirá y la historia cultural e intellectual de la musicología en España. By María Cáceres-Pinuel. Pp. xxiii + 406. DeMusica 20. (Edition Reichenberger, Kassel, 2018. €68. ISBN 978-3944244-68-6.)
Howard Skempton: Conversations and Reflections on Music. Ed. by Esther Cavett and Matthew Head. Pp. xxix + 266. (Boydell Press, Woodbridge and Rochester, NY, 2019. £45. ISBN 978-1-78327-321-8.)
The Cambridge Companion to Gershwin. Ed. by Anna Harwell Celenza. Pp. xx + 312. Cambridge Companions. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York, 2019. £22.99. ISBN 978-1-108-43764-6.)
Stories of Tonality in the Age of François-Joseph Fétis. By Thomas Christensen. Pp. xvi + 359. (University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 2019. $55. ISBN 978-0-226-62692-X.)
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