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Adler, Antony. Neptune’s Laboratory: Fantasy, Fear, and Science at Sea. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 2019. 241p., ill., index, $39.95. A history of oceanography and the role of imagination in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Alexander, Nathan G. Race in a Godless World: Atheism, Race, and Civilization, 1850–1914. New York: New York UP, 2019. ix, 290p., bibl., ill., index, $39. A Transatlantic community of atheists divided over questions of imperialism and white superiority.
Becker, Kelly and Iain D. Thomson, eds. The Cambridge History of Philosophy, 1945–2015. New York: Cambridge UP, 2019. xv, 888p., bibl., index, $165. Fifty-two essays on Analytic and Continental philosophy.
Cameron, Christopher. Black Freethinkers: A History of African American Secularism. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern UP, 2019. xvii, 236p., bibl., index. From slavery and reconstruction to civil rights and Black Power.
Copenhaver, Brian P. Magic and the Dignity of Man: Pico della Mirandola and His Oration in Modern Memory. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap P of Harvard UP, 2019. xv. 682p., bibl., ill., index, $55. Actually Pico never wrote nor delivered an Oration on the Dignity of Man, how that tale has been received, and what it means for “humanism.” (Spoiler: Christian Kabbalah.)
Dejung, Christof, David Motadel, and Jürgen Osterhammel, eds. The Global Bourgeoisie: The Rise of the Middle Classes in the Age of Empire. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2019. xv, 375p., ill., index, $29.95. Essays on sixteen regional and national contexts.
Dilthey, Wilhelm. Selected Works, Vol. 6: Ethical and World-View Philosophy. Ed. Rudolf Makkreel and Frithjof Rodi. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2019. xi, 346p., index, $55. Final volume of the series, includes System of Ethics (1890), The Essence of Philosophy (1911), and others.
El Shamsy, Ahmed. Rediscovering the Islamic Classics: How Editors and Print Culture Transformed an Intellectual Tradition. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2020. 295p., bibl., ill., index, $35. A canon formed with the introduction of a print industry in the mid-nineteenth century.
Hall, David D. The Puritans: A Transatlantic History. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2019. 517p., index, $35. Calvinism in old and New England to the Restoration in 1660.
Hankins, James. Virtue Politics: Soulcraft and Statecraft in Renaissance Italy. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap P of Harvard UP, 2019. xxiii, 736p., bibl., index, $45. The shaping of citizens through education from Petrarch to Machiavelli.
Herzig, Tamar. A Convert’s Tale: Art, Crime, and Jewish Apostasy in Renaissance Italy. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard UP, 2019. viii, 388p., ill., index, $49.95. Florentine goldsmith Salomone da Sesso / Ercole de’ Fedeli (ca. 1452/57–post 1521).
Hoffenberg, Peter H. A Science of Our Own: Exhibitions and the Rise of Australian Public Science. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P, 2019. viii, 196p., bibl., ill., index, $45. Ferdinand von Mueller put nineteenth-century science on display both locally and in international expositions.
Immanuel, Jon. Britain, the Bible, and Balfour. Lanham, Md.: Lexington, 2019. xv, 417p., bibl., index. The theo-political vision of a unique Jewish home-land as a peculiarly British phenomenon whose roots go back to the English Reformation.
Jung, C. G. Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process: Notes of C. G. Jung’s Seminars on Wolfgang Pauli’s Dreams. Ed. Suzanne Gieser. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2019. viii, 349p., ill., index, $39.95. Lectures presented in Maine and New York City in 1936 and 1937 interpreting the dreams of the Nobel laureate in physics.
Kierkegaard, Søren. Kierkegaard’s Journals and Notebooks. Volume 11, part 1: Loose Papers, 1830–1843. Ed. N. J. Cappelørn et al. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2019. xliii, 657p., ill., $150.
Knowles, Adam. Heidegger’s Fascist Affinities: A Politics of Science. Stanford, Cal.: Stanford UP, 2019. xiii, 233p., bibl., ill., index. Archival examination of the rector of the University of Freiburg and the ethno-nationalism woven into his philosophy and administration.
Krige, John, ed. How Knowledge Moves: Writing the Transnational History of Science and Technology. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2019. vii, 444p., index. Thirteen essays on the replication of technological practices, mostly American, in non-US contexts.
Lightman, Bernard, ed. Rethinking History, Science, and Religion: An Exploration of Conflict and the Complexity Principle. Pittsburgh: U of Pittsburgh P, 2019. ix, 307p., bibl., ill., index, $50. Thirteen essays on the reception of J. W. Draper’s...


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