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  • Early Resurrections (News from the Week)
  • Chelsea Wagenaar (bio)

A man broke out of the county jail.Reports list him as barefoot and still cuffed.Wednesday of Holy Week and alleluiahas not been uttered in this town for nearly forty days.A wounded possum limps down the sidewalk,its graceful glitch returning to mewhen the knife slips as I put it to the bread—my finger instead—and my love hurriesto part the wound, red buttonhole in my skin,to see its depth. Yesterday in the gardenI saw a silk moth had failed to spin its whole cocoon—but without its cirrus, monastic piñata,it went on transforming anyway,nearly clear wings nubile, jade,tucked into themselves. [End Page 321] Could we have watched? The stoneheaved away, the angel not yet dispatched,the body still softly scarring, untrue,untouchable, its grief flinching in our eyes.As handcuffs glint in a gladein their stolen slice of light.When I saw the secret of the silk moth, I confess—alleluia burned on my tongue. [End Page 322]

Chelsea Wagenaar

Chelsea Wagenaar is the author of two collections of poetry, most recently The Spinning Place, winner of the 2018 Michael Waters Prize. Her poems have appeared in Birmingham Poetry Review and Cave Wall. She teaches at Valparaiso University.



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